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Boodle Fight at RBG Park Inn Davao

RBG Boodle Fight Rematch 2 with Boneless Pork Lechon Belly

RBG Boodle Fight Rematch with Boneless Pork Lechon Belly

There’s not better way to celebrate anything than with food, good, glorious food. And RBG at Park Inn Davao knows that. They have prepared a feast to celebrate the Kadayawan Festival. Presenting… RBG’s Boodle Fight Rematch.

Boodle Fight is the Philippine military style of dining. Rice and various dishes are laid out on banana leaves and diners are encouraged to eat with their hands, sans plates and utensils. In the past few years, it has become a stylish (and easy) way of serving Filipino dishes, mostly featuring fresh seafood and grilled dishes. It is often practiced in fiestas and family gatherings.

RBG’s Boodle Fight Rematch is a good representation of typical Filipino fiesta dishes, highlighting popular Davao food. The meal’s centerpiece is Boneless Pork Lechon Belly, a scaled down version of the popular Lechon (whole roasted pig).

Boneless  Pork Lechon Belly of the RBG Boodle Fight Rematch

Boneless Pork Lechon Belly of the RBG Boodle Fight Rematch

Tasty, succulent, and encased in crispy pork skin. It is definitely a delight to eat.

The Boodle Fight Rematch spread includes popular Filipino starters: Native Tinolang Manok (Chicken Soup made with free range chickens), Fern Salad with Salted Eggs, and Lumpia (Spring Rolls).

Fern Salad of the RBG Boodle Fight Rematch 2

Fern Salad of the RBG Boodle Fight Rematch

Aside from the Lechon Belly, RBG’s Boodle Fight features Pinaupong Manok and Grilled Tuna Belly.

Pinaupong Manok of the RBG Boodle Fight Rematch

Pinaupong Manok of the RBG Boodle Fight Rematch

Grilled Tuna Belly of the RBG Boodle Fight Rematch 2

Grilled Tuna Belly of the RBG Boodle Fight Rematch

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JAM Foods Angus Tapa

Jam Foods USDA Tapa at the Davao Gourmet Collective at SM Lanang Premier

Jam Foods USDA Tapa at the Davao Gourmet Collective at SM Lanang Premier

One iconic Filipino dish is Tapsilog. Tapsilog is short for Tapa, Siningag, at Ilog (Cured Beef, Garlic Ric, and Egg). Tapa is cured beef, similar to beef jerky. Beef is marinated with a mixture of vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, and garlic. It is cured for several days then fried to perfection. As with most Filipino dishes, there are many iterations of Tapa. There’s dry tapa, wet tapa, red tapa, so on so forth. For most Filipinos like me, it doesn’t matter. All kinds of tapa is good tapa. Eating Tapsilog any time of the day brings every Filipino home. No matter where you are. It is comfort food.

So how do you make your tapa stand out and be talked about? Make it extremely awesome. And that is exactly what JAM Foods did. JAM Foods took the ordinary, commonplace tapa and made it gourmet. The first time I tried JAM Foods USDA Angus Tapa, I could not stop eating.

About a year ago, I was invited to the Press Preview of Davao Gourmet Collective Kadayawan Food and Music Fair. It was there that I had my first gourmet Angus Tapa and I fell in love.
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World Food Expo Bingo 2016

WOFEX 2016

WOFEX 2016

The World Food Expo (WOFEX) is just around the corner! WOFEX is the biggest food show in the Philippines, simultaneously occupying two of the biggest conventions centers in the country: the SMX Convention Center and World Trade Center. WOFEX is for industry professionals as well as foodies who are curious about the latest cooking crazes.

The Philippines has been WOFEX’s home for many years now, and it is being held multiple times a year. If you’ve been attending the event for a long time now and want to add a new dynamic to the experience, why not try doing an activity that is exclusively for you and your friends?

There are a lot of things to see at WOFEX. Apart from food stalls, there are Michelin-star chefs from all over the world who grace the event and share their latest techniques in cooking. There are also restaurateurs who are hoping to catch the public’s attention by showcasing their skills and dishes at the event. As an attendee, can you guess what you’re about to see at the upcoming WOFEX? If you think you can, try playing the WOFEX bingo game!

All you have to do is print a blank bingo card at Bingo Baker or any other site that allows people to print blank cards. Once you have one, fill in the blank spaces with things that you think you might see at the event. It could be anything from “Iberico ham being sold at a stall,” “Mad knife skills by a chef” or “New restaurant launching.” Once you spot something at the event, and it’s on your card, daub it off. If you can daub them all, you’ll win two things: a treat for yourself and bragging rights among your friends!

Bingo is one of the most customizable games that has ever been invented, and it is for this very reason why it is so fun. In the UK, there’s an Eatwell Bingo initiative that encourages people to eat healthy. Instead of just using bingo balls and cards, Eatwell Bingo also uses picture cards that contain information on healthy food options. In the online world, bingo continues to evolve as well, and providers customize the game in order to keep it interesting. An example of this is the online live caller option where players have the choice to play the game with actual callers – an experience that is relatively new to the world. As for the WOFEX bingo game, it is a product of bingo’s evolution, and an example of how people can effectively customize the game in order to achieve a certain goal.

WOFEX will be held from August 3 – 6, 2016. Find out more by visiting the event’s official site here!

Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad by Chez Nous

Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad by Chef Chino San Jose of Chez Nous

Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad by Chez Nous

I believe that good food (really good food… not just yummy or delicious) is one that changes the way I see food. And that is exactly how I would describe the Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad by Chez Nous.

Nicoise Salad, or Salade Niçoise as the French call it, is a composed salad. It is pronounced as “niˈswaz.” Various sources describe traditional Nicoise Salad in different ways. Some sources describe it as having potatoes and beans in equal parts. Different sources list various ingredients as traditional ingredients of the salad. If there’s one thing all sources agree on, it is that it is dressed with a vinaigrette.

Most of the Nicoise Salad that we see in restaurants, modern recipe books, and even on blogs seem to be based from “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” The book calls it a Mediterranean Combination Salad. It lists the usual ingredients in the salad.

Tuna, anchovies, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, hard-boiled eggs, and lettuce are the usual elements for this appetizing combination, and you may arrange the salad in any manner you wish.*

Do a Google image search for Nicoise Salad and you’ll know what I mean.

Most restaurants use canned tuna for it and I am not fond of uncooked canned tuna. Needless to say, Nicoise Salad does not interest me. And I usually love salads.

I have heard of Chez Nous’ Nicoise Salad and it made me curious. Seeing it’s description on the menu made me excited. It is listed as “Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad” and described as “Seared Sesame Tuna, Lettuce, French Beans, Honey-Lemon Dressing, Deep Fried Anchovy.” Whew! The Seared Sesame Tuna is enough to make me happy.

When I saw the salad, I was not just excited but really . It is nothing like other Nicoise Salads I have seen or tried. If I sound like I am exaggerating or medyo OA, I offer no apologies. It was as if the Chef knew exactly everything I love and put them all together. LOOK!

Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad by Chef Chino San Jose of Chez Nous

Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad by Chez Nous

Where do I begin? Perfectly cooked fried egg and deep fried anchovy over a bed of fresh greens. I am a sucker for a perfectly cooked fried egg with a runny yolk. It is a pleasant combination of textures and flavors that will make any good dish, even better. I mean… serve me a perfectly cooked fried egg any time of the day and I will be happy. When eating this Nicoise Salad, break the egg, chop it up, and make sure to have a bit of egg in every bite.
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Truffsilog by Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar

Truffsilog by Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar, Tapa with Truffles, Fried Egg, Garlic Rice, and Tomato & Onion Salsa

Truffsilog by Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar

If adobo is the Philippines’ “national dish,” one could argue that Tapsilog is our “national breakfast.” It is delicious, it is accessible, and it has many different variations just like the adobo. And Filipinos love to eat it not just for breakfast, but also for lunch and dinner, and as recovery food after a late night of partying. So when it comes to tapsilog, you can say it is hard to please diners and be talked about as if it is something new or exciting. After all, there is a tapsilogan in almost every kanto (street corner).

Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar manages to stand out with their Truffsilog. Don’t get me wrongm they are not the first ones to offer such, but they have certainly led the pack in Davao and they have done it masterfully.

Look at that beauty.

Truffsilog by Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar, Tapa with Truffles, Fried Egg, Garlic Rice, and Tomato & Onion Salsa

Truffsilog by Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar

Tapsilog is short for Tapa, Sinangag, at Itlog. Tapa is cured beef, Sinagag is garlic fried rice, and Itlog is egg. Tapa is common breakfast dish around the Philippines. It is available in various cuts and classes of beef. The curing process differs in each region but the most popular one involves curing beef in salt, garlic, and soy sauce. Some variations include calamansi juice (lemon), sugar, or vinegar in the curing marinade. After curing the beef in the marinade, it is drained, pat dry, and fried. Tapa is often salty with a hint of sour and sweet. The curing process gives the meat a sublime of umami flavor.
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Cookware Set with Kitchen Utensils [Lazada Kitchen Deal]

Want to start your own kitchen set but don’t know what to buy? Here’s a great starter set currently on sale at 85% off. This 20-Piece Cookware Set with Nylon Utensils contains all the basics you need for your kitchen.

Whether you are cooking for one for two or for a small family, this Cookware Set has you covered. The set contains the following:

  • 1 piece 3.8 Quart Covered Dutch Oven (3.5L) for soups, stocks, stews, and for boiling pasta and eggs;
  • 1 piece 2 Quart Covered Sauce Pan for sauces, small batches of soups, and for boiling vegetables;
  • 1 piece of 1.4 Quart Covered Sauce Pan for sauces and gravies;
  • 1 piece of 21.99cm Inch Fry Pan for deep frying and stir frying;
  • 5 pieces of Black Nylon Utensil Set for use with your non-stick cookware; and
  • 8 pieces of Nylon Measuring Cups and Spoons to help you in your cooking preparations.

All cookware pieces are made with stainless steel with non stick coatings and all lids are made with tempered glass.

Here are some important cookware tips for such pieces:

  • Never fill your pans to the brim to avoid spillage.
  • Clean only with a soft sponge. Never with steel brush.
  • Do not expose the nylon utensils to high heat over long periods of time. Take it off the pan if you are not using it to stir.
  • Make sure all pans, lids, and utensils are thoroughly clean and dry before you store it somewhere dry.
  • Only use nylon or wooden utensils when cooking with pans with non stick coating.

Remember always use your cookware only for cooking. And don’t forget to keep this in mind for your cooking utensils, as well.

Do you have questions about cookware, kitchen tools and utensils, and other kitchen must-haves? Comment below to ask.