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FunnySexy Tries Lachi’s Sans Rival

It has been customary for me to bring my guests to Lachi’s for dinner or merienda for them to try out my ultimate, most favorite restaurant in the world.

And a must-try is of course, their sans rival. At P45 per slice, Lachi’s Sans Rival is definitely one of the best in Davao City. And as proof, bloggers from around the Philippines have been raving about it. Some of out DFAT 2009 participants and other guests even take home whole cakes (P285, 6 slices) to Manila for their family and friends to taste.

Sans rival means “without rival” or “the best.” And for many dessert-lovers, it is the ultimate best. It is composed of layers of crunchy meringue slathered with rich buttercream, and sprinkled with chopped cashew nuts. YUM! As a kid, my cousins and I would fight over the sinful corner slices of sans rival during family gatherings.

Here is a video of my girl friend Kring Elenzano, the FunnySexy video blogger, trying out Lachi’s sinful sans rival…

A trip to Davao is never complete without a visit to Lachi’s. And a visit to Lachi’s is not complete without a bite of their Sans Rival.

Lachi’s is located at Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, Davao City. You may inquire or reserve via +63916-984-1183. If you are already their fan, visit their Facebook Page.

FunnySexy image from FunnySexy.ph

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  1. hana says:

    yey for Lachi’s Sansrival! 😀

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