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Little Kitchen’s Meat Loaf

Little Kitchen Meat Loaf

Little Kitchen Meat Loaf

During my last visit to General Santos City, I was ecstatic to find out that we were going to have late lunch at Little Kitchen. I have heard so many good things about the place that I was very much excited to try it out. My host, Orman had already ordered the best-sellers, Shrimp Scampi Pizza and Sizzling Scampi, so I decided to order the Meat Loaf Meal.

Needless to say, the scampi dishes didn’t disappoint. I was still savoring the abundance of shrimps when my meat loaf arrived, and I silently cursed when I saw it. It was a big, big, big meal. Even for a food lover like me. I hoped it wouldn’t taste good so I wouldn’t be dismayed if I didn’t finish it.

But it was good. As a lover of all things edible, especially meat, I was happy to dig into Little Kitchen’s version of meat loaf. Meat loaf can be made with beef, pork, veal, or any kind or combination of ground red meat. I’m not sure what meat and what spices Little Kitchen used, just that it was very flavorful and it was so dense that each bite was a great big chunk of meaty savory goodness. And the texture was just right, it wasn’t grainy, and it wasn’t mushy either. Firm and tender.

It was served with gravy which, needless to say, I enjoyed. The rich gravy was a good companion to the savory loaf. Plus some rice, some side veggies, and a dollop of mashed potatoes topped with a whole lot of cheese. Sinful! A whole entire GIANT meal for only P145.

Little Kitchen is located along President Quirino Street corner Zapote Street, General Santos City.

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