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Salted Egg Crabs by Emperor’s Palace

Salted Egg Crabs by Emperor's Palace Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Davao

Salted Egg Crabs by Emperor's Palace

I love seafood and I love salted eggs. So when my cousins posted a picture of crabs prepared with salted eggs, I got excited. I got even more excited when they told me it tasted great.

I watched a feature on the Lifestyle Network and saw that this type of preparation of crabs is popular in Singapore. The guy said that it’s a very rich dish so one should eat it maybe just once a year.

I finally got to taste this interesting combination when we ate at Emperor’s Palace. It certainly didn’t disappoint my palate.

The fat crabs were generously coated with salted egg mixture which gave a burst of flavor and a delightful texture which contrasted well with the tender and delicate crab meat. The crab fat and the salted egg yolk complemented each other so well. The grainy texture of the salted egg mixture contrasted well with the soft crab meat. The dish also had a hint of sweetness. It was a good marriage of flavors and textures. It’s a deliciously sinful way to enjoy crabs.

Unfortunately, I already ate this dish twice. It’s bad for dieters but very good for seafood lovers and foodies, in general. I think it’s worth every calorie because it is so delicious. I am already salivating just thinking about it. YUM! It’s definitely a must-try for any seafood lover.

EMPEROR’S PALACE is located at the Victoria Plaza Compound along JP Laurel Avenue in Bajada, Davao City.

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