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P100 Meals in Davao City

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For August (this is obviously a backlog), Davao Bloggers took a trip around Davao City to search for the best meals that cost P100 or less. Here are their affordable gustatory picks.

Zabadani Cafe's Pita Sheerah Davao City Food

Zabadani Cafe's Pita Sheerah, P95

The Mystic Nymph declared Zabadani Cafe as Davao’s Affordable Food Haven. She cites various beverages and meals that Zabadani serves for only P100 or less. Among the delicious treats she cites are the Machiatti, the Ayran, and the Belgian Hot Chocolate Drinks. And for value meals, she cites the Pita Sheerah, the Chicken Kabsa, the Syrian Grilled Breast, the Pita Cheese Sticks, the Shish Kebab, the Dajaj Kebab, the Bruschetta, and the Beef Squares. Zabadani is proof that an authentic Middle Eastern meal can be enjoyed in Davao.

Royale House's Beef Stew with Kimchi Davao City Food

Royale House's Beef Stew with Kimchi

Koii also shares some international dishes available for P100 or less here in Davao City. Among his picks are Cafe Mediterranean’s Lemon Chicken, The Royale House Inn’s Beef Stew with Kimchi, and Caffe Firenzo’s Chocolate Lava Cake.

Markable at Sy Bee Tin Chinese Bakery in Davao City

Markable at Sy Bee Tin

Young blogger Mark, dropped by Chinese bakery Sy Bee Tin for some delicious oriental meals. For tasty Chinese and bread snacks, Mark recommends the Pizza Roll and the Garlic Bread. And for a full meal, Sy Bee Tin serves Fried Siomai Rice for only P42.

Berlind's Tuna Panga 01

Berlind's Tuna Panga, P80 each

Rudolph takes up back to Davao with a delicious lunch meal at Berlind’s Ihaw-Ihaw. Berlind’s serves up delicious home-cooked Davao dishes that are mostly grilled and seafood dishes. Rudolph recommends the Tuna Panga, Pork Barbeque, Kinilaw (Filipino Fish Ceviche), and Tinolang Manok (Filipino Chicken Soup).

Dencio's Kamayan's Pares 2 Davao City Food

Dencio's Kamayan's Pares 2, P100

Inatay goes back to blogging by sharing a Davao City meal that costs P100 flat. She tried out the Dencio’s Kamayan’s Pares 2 which is a combo meal composed of a stick of pork barbeque, a stick of chicken barbeque, a serving of soup, and unlimited rice… all for P100. Inatay testifies it was a satisfying meal that erased her bad Dencio’s experience from two years ago. Who wouldn’t say no to a P100 meal that is punctuated by unlimited rice?

Lovely Drew's Sisig Meal Davao City Food

Lovely Drew's Sisig Meal, P46

American student, Jonathan went the extra mile by sharing his Top 10 Picks for Places to Eat in Davao City. Most of his choices are eateries and restaurants around colleges. His picks are Food Sheriff, Jenny’s Fried Chicken, Cherry’s Bakeshop, Lovely Drew’s Fried Chicken, Master Chicken, City Triangle, Mam Bebs, Gaisano Mall Food Court, Chowking, and the Ateneo de Davao University Food Court.

Port Cafes Chicken and Spaghetti Meal Davao City Food

Port Cafe's Chicken and Spaghetti Meal, P89

Another student blogger, April shares her top 3 picks for budget meals around Davao City. Her choices are Cafe Mediterranean, KeepSakes, and Port Cafe. She recommends Cafe Mediterranean’s Marinated Porkchops, KeepSakes Carbonara and Nachos, and Port Cafe’s Chicken and Spaghetti Meal, Chicken in White Sauce Meal, and the Calamares.

Mam Bebs Batchoy Davao City Food

Mam Bebs Special Batchoy, P45

As for me, I picked Mam Bebs, one of Davao’s litlle known foodie secrets which have served millions of Davaoeños over the years. While the bakery’s name might have changed over the years, the same delicious home-made goodness is served with every dish, bread, and pastry that comes out of the their kitchen.

Mommy Raine shares the ultimate place for delicious budget meals here in Davao City, the Agdao Public Market. Mind you, she had her first date with her husband at the Agdao Public Market. She recommends the Bulalo (Filipino Beef Marrow Soup) which only costs P50 and grilled dishes such as barbeque and grilled fish. Davao is known for fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafoods, and the public market is definitely a great way to enjoy all of these.

That’s it for our mini-tour of Davao’s budget meals. There are a lot more yummy, fulfilling, and interesting meals you can have in Davao City for P100 or less. Keep coming back to Davao and the Davao Bloggers’ blogs for more. 😉

Photo credits go to the owner of the blog posts.

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  1. Nice says:

    wow! thank you for listing… this is the very reason why i love living in Davao City… delicious and affordable meals are within reach… Sy Bee Tin’s siopao is my favorite as well as Port Cafe’s Spaghetti meal… I love everything in Zabadani Cafe (by the way it’s Pita Shateerah hehehe)… and now I’m planning to eat the rest in the list… 🙂

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