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Original Cebu Balamban Liempo Now in Davao

Original Balamban Liempo

Original Balamban Liempo

It’s finally here. The liempo (pork belly) that claims to be tastier than lechon! Balamban Liempo has been making Cebu residents and tourists happy for quite some time.

Balamban is a municipality in Cebu province. It is the place where this mouth-watering liempo dish originated from. The original Balamban liempo restaurant and several copies have been selling this kind of liempo in other places in Cebu and the rest of the Philippines. Now, the original is also in Davao City.

Balamban liempo is pork belly stuffed with lemon grass, the same aromatic that is stuffed into lechon (roast whole pig). The pork belly is then roasted until the pork skin is crunchy like lechon skin or chicharon (pork skin crackling).

The original balamban liempo does have that distinct lechon taste owing to the lemon grass it is flavored and stuffed with. And the skin… oh the skin is just so heavenly. Crispy and salty, it is definitely a delight to eat.

If you love pork with a lot of flavor and crispy skin goodness, try the original Balamban Liempo from Cebu.

The Balamban Liempo restaurant had their soft opening a few weeks ago and they can be found at Delgar Commercial Complex, Km 5, J.P Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. It’s the building right before the Bajada flyover.

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