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Lai Chia Chinese Buffet Restaurant

Lai Chia Chinese Buffet

Lai Chia Chinese Buffet

Don’t we just love eat-all-you-can buffets here in Davao? The people behind our favorite buffet restaurant, Ranch and Reef has brought something new to be excited about, Lai Chia Chinese Buffet Restaurant.

There are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Davao City, but this is the only one that gives diners the opportunity to eat as many yummy Chinese dishes in one buffet spread. From appetizers to dimsum, from soups to entrees, to a selection of desserts, Lai Chia can satiate whatever Chinese food craving you have.

I especially enjoyed eating the Century Egg, the Peking Duck, the shrimps, the Taosi Spareribs, and the assortment of dumplings and dimsum dishes. It’s definitely a treat for all lovers of Chinese food. Where else can you eat Peking Duck as much as you want?

And the buffet is very much affordable. Last time I checked lunch is only P329 while dinner is only P399. And this already comes with unlimited ice tea to wash down all the Chinese food you eat.

Lai Chia is located along Torres Street, Davao City where Ranch and Reef was originally located. It’s near Let’s Crab Eat and Coffeecat. For more information, like their page at this link.

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  1. GensanBoy says:

    This made me hungry at 2 in the morning. 🙂

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