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Crunchy Roll by Nonki Japanese Restaurant

One of the dishes I might never get tired of is the Japanese Crunchy Roll.

Crunchy Roll by Nonki Japanese Restaurant  in Davao City

Crunchy Roll by Nonki Japanese Restaurant

Crunchy Roll is quite a common roll sold by Japanese Restaurants. It’s an inside out roll made with sushi rice, nori (seaweed chips/sheets), and tempura batter, with some sesame seeds on the sides, and a generous dollop of kani with Japanese mayo and some egg roe on top.

It’s quite a delight to eat. It sounds simple but the contrast of textures from the soft rice and kani versus the crunch of the tempura batter is a nice surprise. All the flavors of the sushi roll components are subdued but the textures more than make up for it.

It’s a great sushi pick for those who don’t like eating raw food. It’s not recommended for dieters though, as it’s carb on carb. But it’s definitely a great appetizer or snack idea if you’re craving for something Japanese. Generally, it’s cheaper than other sushi rolls since it doesn’t have any fish, fruits, or veggies on it.

My favorite Crunchy Roll is by Nonki Japanese Restaurant here in Davao City. One serving can be just as filling as one full Japanese meal.

The Crunchy Roll is one item we always order when I’m there with my cousins or my friends. Try it.

Nonki Japanese Restaurant is located along F. Torres Street, Davao City.

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