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Brand’s Native Lechon [Roast Whole Pig] | Davao Food

Davao is not known for lechon. A lot of travelers visit Davao without even thinking of lechon. But Davaoeños know that we have really good lechon here in Davao. And each Davao foodie has his own top pick. After all, we do have a lot of lechoneros (lechon vendors) each with a different take on the Philippines’ most famed celebratory dish. No doubt about it, whatever your lechon preference is, there is a Davao lechonero that will satisfy your craving.

Good news for all! A new lechonero has arrived. Brand’s Native Lechon is now in Davao City to delight our taste buds with their native lechon already popular in Digos.

Brand's Native Lechon

Brand’s Native Lechon ready to be unboxed and devoured.

For those who do not know, “lechon” is a popular Filipino dish usually served as centerpiece during special occasions.

A whole pig is slaughtered, prepared, filled with herbs and spices, and slow roasted in an open fire pit. The result is juicy and tasty pork with exceptionally savory ribs and belly. All enclosed in crunchy pork skin. The crunch of the skin providing a good textural contrast to the juicy meat.

That is the ideal lechon for me. Unfortunately, not all lechoneros (lechon makers) achieve all these. To be clear, these are just my own criteria for excellent lechon. If you have your own criteria for good lechon, share it in the comments section below.

Back to my ideal lechon… Luckily, Brand’s Native Lechon serves lechon that passes my criteria for an excellent lechon.

Origin of Brand’s Native Lechon

Brand’s Native Lechon was established in Digos, Davao del Sur just last year. It began as a small, home-based business by Brand de los Cientos. Yep, that is his name and he named his business after himself. Brand is a foodie who started a home-based catering business specializing in Filipino cuisine while he was an Overseas Filipino Worker.

Brand decided to come home and work on a recipe for the Philippines’ most wanted celebration dish, lechon. He formulated the lechon recipe and experimented with lechon-making to achieve the best lechon that would satisfy the palates of Filipinos.

Brand’s Native Lechon uses fresh herbs and secret ingredients to achieve the perfect balance of salty, sour, and umami that will make each bite of Brand’s Native Lechon satisfying and memorable. With his blend of spices and his own take in lechon-making, Brand’s Native Lechon is able to produce temptingly delicious lechon with the ribs and belly so tasty that you will not hesitate eating more even you are already full.

Brand's Native Lechon

Brand’s Native Lechon

Why You Should Try Brand’s

I have eaten a lot of lechon in my life. Lechon is affordable here in Davao, after all. But Brand’s stands out for a number of reasons.

Each bite is juicy and bursting with flavor. Needless to day, it is perfect with a dipping sauce of coconut vinegar and garlic. Plus of course, rice. I assume it would also taste really good with spicy vinegar, with the acidity and spice balancing out the lechon’s savory goodness. An order of whole lechon comes with a bottle of their own blend of spicy vinegar.

If you are not a fan of vinegar and dipping sauces, worry not. The meat of Brand’s Native Lechon has a hint of tanginess. That’s due to the fresh calamansi (Philippine limes) stuffed inside the pig along with the other spices. I think this is the first time that I have seen calamansi inside lechon. The calamansi taste is quite a good complement to the spices.

Brand’s uses “native” pigs for their lechon. This usually means the pig is quite lean compared to commercially grown pigs. This results in lean but flavorful meat without a very thick layer of fat.

And yes, the lechon skin is crunchy even after it has been on the table for several hours. Surprisingly, the skin is also flavorful. Usually, lechon skin is just crunchy, offering no extraordinary taste. Brand’s lechon skin is different. It has a unique taste that is subtle but noticeable. It does not only offer the much wanted crunch but also another layer of flavor.

If you ask me, Brand’s Native Lechon is one I would highly recommend to anybody craving for lechon. I mean… just look at our happy and satisfied faces.

Brand's Native Lechon

Happy Davao Bloggers after eating Brand’s Native Lechon.

If you don’t trust me, check out their posts.

Lechon Options

Brand’s Native Lechon offers a few variations of this classic Filipino dish: Lechon Buo (Whole Roast Pig) in various sizes, Lechon Buntis, and Lechon Belly. These may be ordered with regular seasonings or with spicy seasonings for that extra kick of flavor.

Lechon Buntis is Roast Whole Pig traditionally filled with one or more whole chickens, adding another layer of meat and taste to the dish. Brand’s also offers Lechon Buntis with Seafood inside. You can also order Lechon Buntis with both chicken and seafood inside. That is one combination that I am interested in.

Brand’s Native Lechon is a new entrant to the Davao lechon scene, one that you must try. Unfortunately, they do not have a store yet. But you can already have a taste of their yummy lechon.

They offer free delivery to select areas in Davao City. For inquiries and orders, call them at +63942-3890088 (Sun), +63921-8192088 (Smart), or +63916-2971288.

Follow Brand’s on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/brandsnativelechon/ and on Instagram @brandsnativelechon for tasty updates.

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