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Who is Maria?

I am Maria “Ria” A. Jose, a professional blogger / researcher / speechwriter / marketing consultant / content manager / multitasker.

I am embarking on a new journey as she pursues her passion for cooking, baking, and food. She is currently enrolled in the Center for Asian Culinary Studies in the Certificate Class for Basic Skills in Cooking and Baking. I am hoping to hone what I already know, and appreciate more what I already love to do.

I am hoping you will join me in this journey. 🙂

3 Responses to “Who is Maria?”

  1. Lem Lem says:

    nice website……

  2. vic says:

    hello Maria am joining you in your journey i have been cooking all my life started at 9 years old till now i enjoy what i do am a farmer by profession now i plant in my farm ingredients i learned to have a good and healthy food not only for me but for the humankind i enjoy cooking for my family thought not appreciated but its ok someday when i go back to our fatherlands i want still to cook the holy food to noursih eat soul and heart maybe from you i will learn more goodnight and godbless
    respectfully yours

  3. Portia Terrado-Mariano says:

    Hi Ria,

    Max’s Restaurant will be sending a package for your enjoyment.

    If its okay, we would like to ask for the address where it can be delivered.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    Portia Terrado-Mariano
    PR and Events Associate for Bright Idea Events and Management

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