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Christmas Gift Items from The Cereal Bar

Muesli Granola The Cereal Bar Gift Box of 5 Bars

Gift Box of 5 Bars (P195 - P245)

It’s the season of giving. Yes, it is. This Christmas season, give the gift of all-natural yummy goodness from The Cereal Bar. The Cereal Bar is one of my favorite booths at Mercato Centrale because they sell no sugar added cereal bars which my Daddy loves. For the 2011 holiday season, they have prepared some yummy treats in beautiful packages for you to give to your loved ones.

Their famous cereal bars are available in boxes of 5. A selection of 5 Nutty & Nice Bars are available for P195 in a red box. This selection includes Crispy Crème Nut, Crisp Ahoy!, Mangga’t Kasoy, and Muscovado & Walnuts. A selection of 5 Nutless without a Doubt Bars are available in a gold box. This selection includes Crisp Ahoy!2,
Nutless Fruity, and The No NutSense. Truly Fruit Bars are available in brown boxes. This selection includes Fruity Nutty, Monkey Bar, and The SultaNut. All these selections are priced at P195 each.

No Sugar Added Bars in Boxes of 5 are priced at P245 each. The Nutted Bars Crispy Crème Nut and Crisp Ahoy! come in a red box while the Nut-less Bars Crisp Ahoy!2 and The No NutSense come in a gold box.

Muesli Granola The Cereal Bar Box of 6 Assorted Bars

The Cereal Bar Box of 6 Assorted Bars

The cereal bars are also available in boxes of 6. Selections of Nutted Brown Sugar Bars and Nut-less Brown Sugar Bars cost P220 for 6 bars in a box. Same boxes with ribbons and cards for gift-giving are at P235.

No Sugar Added Selection of 6 bars cost P280. Boxes of 6 No Sugar Added Bars with ribbon and card cost P295.

Two pieces each of the 6 nutted bars or your own selection of Brown sugar bars are also available in a Dozen Gift Box for P450.

Muesli Granola The Cereal Bar Granola Cookie Tin

Granola Cookie in Gold Tin

The Cereal Bar’s Granola Cookies are also perfect as holiday gifts and available in Gold Cookie Tins. 8 pieces of individually wrapped Crisp Ahoy! or The SultaNut Granola Petites are available for P240. 8 pieces of individually wrapped No NutSense Granola Petite cookies
are available at P275.

Muesli Granola The Cereal Bar Gold Tin Sampler

Gold Tin Sampler

A dozen of individually wrapped cookies, 6 each of Crisp Ahoy! and
The SultaNut Granola Petites cost P360. These are beautifully packed in a Gold Tin Sampler. A dozen individually wrapped No NutSense Granola Petites cost P400 in the same Gold Tin Sampler. No Sugar Added samplers with 6 each of The No NutSense Granola Cookie and the Crispy Crème Nut Shortbread cost P425.

The Cereal Bar’s Munchers are available in Fire and Ice Holiday Tins. The Fire Holiday Tin contains 8 red tinfoil wrapped Dark Chocolate-covered Crispy Crème Nut Barmunchers. While the Ice Holiday Tin
contains 8 gold tinfoil wrapped Dark Chocolate-covered The No NutSense Barmunchers. Each canister costs P325.

Muesli Granola The Cereal Bar Red Tin Sampler

Red Tin Sampler

The Cereal Bar Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies with walnuts, rolled oats, coco sap, and molasses are available at P395. 8 individually wrapped pieces are packed in a Red Tin Sampler Can.

8 individually wrapped pieces of Granola Cookies are also available in the Red Tin Sampler Can. Cookies may be in the Crisp Ahoy! or
The SultaNut Granola variant.

Muesli Granola The Cereal Bar: Bar and Cookie Tin

Bar and Cookie Tin

If you want to give a combination of no sugar added bars and cookies, give the Red Bar and Cookie Tin. It contains No-Sugar-Added No NutSense Granola Cookies and 4 No Sugar Added The No NutSense Granola Bars. This is priced at P475.

The Special Tin Can Bar Sampler comes with 1 bar each of the 6 nutted bar selection and 3 No-Sugar-Added selection bars for only P395.

Muesli Granola The Cereal Bar Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

The Cereal Bar also has fruit cake loaves, muffins, and other delectable all-natural sweet treats that you can gift to your loved ones or yourself. All wrapped in pretty holiday packages. Check out The Cereal Bar Christmas 2011 Menu.

The Cereal Bar has a booth at Mercato Centrale at The Fort in Fort Bonifacio Taguig. It is every Saturday and Sunday, 7 am – 2 pm. This weekend, December 17 and 18, 2011 is their last weekend for 2011. Catch them there and find the best holiday gift for your health-conscious loved ones. For more information, like them on Facebook at this link.

Teriyaki Boy’s Crunchy Salmon Salad

Teriyaki Boy's Crunchy Salmon Salad Japanese Food

Teriyaki Boy Crunchy Salmon Salad

During my last visit to Teriyaki Boy, I decided to try a dish I haven’t tried yet, the Crunchy Salmon Salad. The salad is composed of cabbage, salmon, Japanese mayonnaise, salmon roe, nori flakes, and crunchy salmon skin. It’s a delicious mix of flavors that blend perfectly well to create a delicious and memorable salad.

As a fan of salmon, the three different kinds of salmon in the salad, made me absolutely happy. I still love salmon best when it’s raw, but this salad was more than enough to answer my salmon craving.
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CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix

CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix

CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix

As part of my attempt to lose weight and eat healthier, I have been avoiding rice and other food rich in carbohydrates. I was glad to have been given the chance to try out CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix. It allowed me to have some carbohydrates without feeling too guilty.

CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix contains white kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) extract. It is clinically proven to eliminate carbohydrates. It slows down the conversion of the carbohydrates into sugar. The excess carbohydrates are then eliminated from the body, insted of being absorbed as body fat.

For best results, drink CarbTrim right before eating a high carbohydrate meal or while eating the meal. I suggest you do not load up on carbohydrates even if you’re drinking CarbTrim. Eat a balanced meal but you don’t have to be overly conscious when eating carbs anymore.

CarbTrim is available in Apple and Lemon flavors. I like the apple flavor better as it is more refreshing. And it was a better more balanced, less acidic taste.

CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix comes in packets that are sold in boxes of 6 for P144 per box. It is sold in SM Supermarkets nationwide, Robinson’s Supermarkets, and other outlets. For more information, check the CarbTrim website.

Nescafe Protect

Nescafe Protect Body Partner

Nescafe Protect

Every morning (or afternoon) when I wake up, I drink a cup of black coffee. The coffee brand I keep at home is Nescafe Protect. It’s a 100% pure instant coffee powder, a Nescafe Body Partner product.

It is made of a mix of roasted and green beans. It has more antioxidants than most other instant coffee powder kinds and around 3x more antioxidants than green tea. Antioxidants are good for the body and fight aging.

I mix 2 teaspoons of Nescafe Protect with one sachet of muscovado sugar in a mug of hot water. It perks me up in the morning and gives me a good burst of energy for the entire day.

Black coffee is a diuretic and it complements my diet program well. It helps in the promotion of a regular digestive movement. So it also helps get rid of excess calories and toxins in the body.

Drinking black coffee is much healthier than latte, cappuccino, and other coffee blends because does not contain any extra sugar, creamer, milk, or syrups. I drink it at least once a day when I wake up. And sometimes, I drink another cup later in the day if I’m feeling a bit sleepy.

Nescafe Protect is available in all major supermarkets in the Philippines.

Soyami Soya Chips

Soyami Soya Chips at Mercato Centrale at the Fort

Soyami Soya Chips at Mercato Centrale

I had so much fun when I visited Mercato Centrale with Tiara and Karen. One of the stalls which I visited and enjoyed was that of Soyami Soya Chips.

Soyami Soya Chips are gluten-free and dairy-free chips in various flavors. It’s made without MSG. It’s also high in protein and calcium and has 0% trans-fat. Soyami are healthy snack chips which you can munch on without much guilt.

I bought several packs when I was at Mercato Centrale last June, but I already finished off all the packs I bought. It’s a great way to snack in between meals, while I’m working. I also munched on Soyami when I had to finish my tasks late into the night.

I’ve been thinking about Soyami and I am looking forward to my next trip to Manila so I can go to Mercato Centrale to buy me some more Soyami. Imagine my excitement when I saw this on Facebook:

Soyami Soya Chips

Soyami Soya Chips in the market

Soyami Soya Chips are now available in supermarkets and various stores. And they’re now in better packaging, with more information about the health benefits of Soyami Soy Chips. Three Soyami flavors are now available in the market: Original, Pizza, and White Cheddar. I think I like the white cheddar best among the three. And I’m crossing my fingers that the Onion ‘n’ Sour Cream will be available soon.

I’m on a diet right now and I have resolved to stay away from unhealthy foods and to lessen snacking. However, with Soyami, I think I can snack in between snacks. And maybe during midnight work sessions. So I’m heading off to SM City Davao ASAP. It’s the only place here in Davao where Soyami is sold.

For more information about Soyami Soy Chips and healthy snacks, visit the Healthy Soyami FB Page and follow the Soyami Twitter Account.

Breaded Soft Tofu with Teriyaki Sauce by Lachi’s

Deep Fried Tofu with Teriyaki Sauce by Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp in Davao City

Breaded Soft Tofu with Teriyaki Sauce

It’s no secret that my favorite restaurant is Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp. Here’s a healthy reason to love Lachi’s: Breaded Soft Tofu with Teriyaki Sauce. As the dish name suggests, it’s delicate soft tofu crusted with some bread crumbs, fried and served with lip-smacking teriyaki sauce.

The sweet and salty teriyaki sauce complements the soft tofu. The dish can be eaten as a side dish or as a meal in itself as it can be ordered with rice. I have offered this dish to my friends who do not like tofu, and even they love it as much as I do.

Tofu is a great meat substitute and when I’m in the mood to eat healthier, I order the Breaded Soft Tofu without rice and I eat it with some laing. Tofu and laing is an unconventional pairing, but the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce goes well with the spicy-ness of Lachi’s Laing.

If you want something healthy, or maybe just something different, try the Breaded Soft Tofu with Teriyaki Sauce by Lachi’s.

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