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Prism Lounge at Widus Clark Hotel and Casino

LED Cocktails Red Riding Hood and Blue Lagoon by the Prism Lounge at Widus Clark Hotel and Casino

LED Cocktails Red Riding Hood and Blue Lagoon by the Prism Lounge at Widus Hotel and Casino Clark

Whether you’re in Clark, Angeles, Pampanga for business or for pleasure, make sure to reserve a night for chillaxing at Prism Lounge at Widus Hotel and Casino Clark.

To start your night of drinks and bonding with friends and colleagues, have a sip of their Signature LED Cocktail Drinks. Look!

LED Cocktails RedLED Cocktails Red Riding Hood, Blood Orange, Bahama-mama, Aloe Vera, Blue Lagoon, Purple Planet, and Indiana Jones by the Prism Lounge at Widus Clark Hotel and Casino Riding Hood and Blue Lagoon by the Prism Lounge at Widus Clark Hotel and Casino

LED Cocktails Red Riding Hood, Blood Orange, Bahama-mama, Aloe Vera, Blue Lagoon, Purple Planet, and Indiana Jones by the Prism Lounge at Widus Hotel and Casino Clark

These pretty glasses of alcohol infused drinks are not just pretty to look at but also quaffable to drink. Whether you’re a seasoned drinker or only drink occasionally, there’s a Prism LED Cocktail for you. Taste one and you’ll surely want to try the LED Cocktails.

For those who want something stronger, you can ask the bartender for a double shot in your cocktail or you can order your hard liquor or wine of choice. They also have a selection of local and imported beers for beer aficionados.

And to complete your night out, order one of their appetizers and pizzas which are perfectly savory, the right complement to their cocktail drinks.

Nachos by the Prism Lounge

Nachos by the Prism Lounge

I highly recommend their generous heap of Nachos topped with veggies, ground meat, and velvety melted cheese, and served with creamy guacamole, tangy salsa, and a crowd-pleasing cheese sauce.
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Super Duck Modern Tea Shop

Do you love tea?

Kusina Maria at Super Duck Modern Tea Shop

Kusina Maria at Super Duck Modern Tea Shop

Whether you’re riding the milk tea wave or a true blue tea fan, you must absolutely drop by Super Duck Modern Tea Shop. I attended the Grand Opening of this new tea shop and I was amazed the available tea variants in their shop. From the popular black and green tea variants to milk tea drinks and even unique drink flavors such Rose Petal Juice and Asparagus Juice are all available at Super Duck.

What’s even better is how they know so much about tea and are willing to give their customers a bit of Tea 101 so you can choose the best tea for your taste and for its health benefits.

Super Duck's Tea Variants

Super Duck’s Tea Variants

Super Duck has 5 main tea variants: Ceylon Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Green Heart Oolong Tea, Wenshan Clear Tea, and Tie Guan Yin.

From among the five, the most popular ones that are probably familiar to all are the Ceylon Black Tea and the Jasmine Green Tea.

Ceylon Black Tea is considered as one of the best tea in the world. Super Duck’s Ceylon Black Tea has a distinct flavor and aroma. It’s not too bitter or overpowering. Meanwhile, the Jasmine Green Tea is much lighter with a very fragrant smell. While green tea is more popular for their medicinal properties, even the Ceylon Black Tea is good for detoxifying the body.

The Green Heart Oolong Tea is named as such because it has properties which are said to be good for the heart.

For those who want something refreshing, Super Duck offers Wenshan Clear Tea. It is black tea with the medicinal properties of green tea.

Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea with Pearls

Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea with Pearls

And my favorite among Super Duck’s Tea Variants is the Tie Guan Yin which translates to Charcoal Iron Goddess. The tea is named as such because it is made from roasted Oolong Tea. It has a full-bodied bitter taste which I love.

All these tea variants are available in hot, warm, chilled, and iced variants served with your choice of sugar level. And these may also be ordered as milk tea with pearls or your favorite sinkers.

Their Signature Milk Tea with Pearls is a combination of green and black teas. It is fragrant and sweet. It will definitely please milk tea lovers.

Super Duck also serves Perfect Tea Blends, Healthy Tea Bags, Crushers and Smoothies, Floats, Nai Kai with Cheese, Milk Drinks, Yakult Drinks, and other Signature Drinks.

Aside from the Tie Guan Yin Tea, I highly recommend the Signature Milk Tea with Pearls, the Adzuki Bean Milk Tea, the Peppermint Tea, the Taro Milk, and the Rose Petal Juice.

If you want to have a refreshing milk tea drink, a hot tea to soothe you, or something unique to quench your thirst, Super Duck Modern Tea Shop has something for you. Learn more about tea and find the one that suits your taste and your mood best.

Super Duck Modern Tea Shop is located at Unit 111 A and B, AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, Garnet Street corner ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Metro Manila. They are open Mondays to Fridays from 11 am to 11 pm, Saturdays from 2 pm to 11 pm, and Sundays from 9 am to 6 pm.

For inquiries and information, like their page at this link.

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Tealoca Iced Milk Tea

Tealoca Iced Black Sugar Milk Tea with Egg Pudding Davao

Tealoca Iced Black Sugar Milk Tea with Egg Pudding

On most Sunday afternoons (or evenings), my cousins and I go to Gaisano Mall of Davao for the sole purpose of drinking some milk tea. That’s a true story. LOL!

We choose Tealoca because they have the most number of options of different kinds of tea. From black tea to green tea, from fruit teas to macchiato teas. They serve hot tea, iced tea, and ice-blended teas.

My favorite so far, is the Iced Black Sugar Milk Tea with Egg Pudding. It has that distinct milk tea taste, with a hint of sweetness. I choose Iced over Ice-Blended because I find ice-blended milk tea to be too cold which masks the taste of the drink.

My favorite topping is the egg pudding. It’s my favorite with any milk tea brand. The egg pudding adds a layer of creaminess to the drink. Plus I don’t have to chew on it anymore, unlike most other toppings.

The Tealoca Iced Black Sugar Milk Tea with Egg Pudding is definitely my favorite. The Iced Mocha Milk Tea with Egg Pudding is a close second. It has a hint of coffee and chocolate, and a bit more perk than the other milk teas. Plus, it has a bit of coffee bitterness that I like.

Tealoca is located at the Fourth Floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao along JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. Like their page on FB at this link.

CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix

CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix

CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix

As part of my attempt to lose weight and eat healthier, I have been avoiding rice and other food rich in carbohydrates. I was glad to have been given the chance to try out CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix. It allowed me to have some carbohydrates without feeling too guilty.

CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix contains white kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) extract. It is clinically proven to eliminate carbohydrates. It slows down the conversion of the carbohydrates into sugar. The excess carbohydrates are then eliminated from the body, insted of being absorbed as body fat.

For best results, drink CarbTrim right before eating a high carbohydrate meal or while eating the meal. I suggest you do not load up on carbohydrates even if you’re drinking CarbTrim. Eat a balanced meal but you don’t have to be overly conscious when eating carbs anymore.

CarbTrim is available in Apple and Lemon flavors. I like the apple flavor better as it is more refreshing. And it was a better more balanced, less acidic taste.

CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix comes in packets that are sold in boxes of 6 for P144 per box. It is sold in SM Supermarkets nationwide, Robinson’s Supermarkets, and other outlets. For more information, check the CarbTrim website.

Nescafe Protect

Nescafe Protect Body Partner

Nescafe Protect

Every morning (or afternoon) when I wake up, I drink a cup of black coffee. The coffee brand I keep at home is Nescafe Protect. It’s a 100% pure instant coffee powder, a Nescafe Body Partner product.

It is made of a mix of roasted and green beans. It has more antioxidants than most other instant coffee powder kinds and around 3x more antioxidants than green tea. Antioxidants are good for the body and fight aging.

I mix 2 teaspoons of Nescafe Protect with one sachet of muscovado sugar in a mug of hot water. It perks me up in the morning and gives me a good burst of energy for the entire day.

Black coffee is a diuretic and it complements my diet program well. It helps in the promotion of a regular digestive movement. So it also helps get rid of excess calories and toxins in the body.

Drinking black coffee is much healthier than latte, cappuccino, and other coffee blends because does not contain any extra sugar, creamer, milk, or syrups. I drink it at least once a day when I wake up. And sometimes, I drink another cup later in the day if I’m feeling a bit sleepy.

Nescafe Protect is available in all major supermarkets in the Philippines.

Irish Cream Chill and Mocha Cake

Coffee Dream Irish Latte Chill at KCC Mall Branch in General Santos City

Coffee Dream Irish Latte Chill

I had the opportunity to try out some Coffee Dream goodness when I arrived in General Santos City a few months ago. I went straight from the bus station to the KCC Mall and I was delighted to see the new Coffee Dream. It had an airy, comfy atmosphere that I easily settled in.

I ordered myself some Irish Cream Chill and a slice of Mocha Cake. With much anticipation and excitement.

Irish Cream is a liqueur-based syrup. It is a combination of Irish whisky and cream. Liquor + cream, how can you go wrong, right? Some coffee shops make the mistake of putting too much of it, resulting to a coffee drink with too much sweetness. Coffee Dream does it perfectly with the Irish Cream Chill, an ice-blended coffee drink which has just the right amount of caffeine blended with some Irish Cream. It’s not too sweet and you can still taste a bit of coffee bitterness and some of the alcohol of the Irish Cream.

Coffee Dream Mocha Cake from KCC Mall Branch in General Santos City

Mocha Cake

I was excited to see the Mocha Cake on display because not a lot of coffee shops serve plain and simple Mocha Cake. But Coffee Dream does and I got a taste of heaven with each bite of the Mocha Cake. It was two layers of soft, tasty mocha chiffon cake with mocha buttercream in between layers, on top, and on the sides. Mmm…

It was a memorable afternoon snack and I will relish the memory each time I think about Coffee Dream. Unfortunately, the Mocha Cake is only available in the Coffee Dream branches in General Santos City. On the bright side, the Coffee Dream Davao branches serves the Irish Cream Chill just as well as the Gen San branches. 🙂

In General Santos City, Coffee Dream is located at KCC Mall along Jose Catolico Sr. Avenue, Brgy. Lagao, General Santos City.

In Davao City, Coffee Dream is located at SM City Mall of Davao along Quimpo Boulevard, Matina, Davao City and at Damosa Gateway, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City.