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Nonki’s Sukiyaki Set

Are you a big fan of Japanese cuisine? I am. Nonki Japanese Restaurant is one of the best in Davao City. And they have a delightful set meal that will surely satiate your craving for Japanese food.

Nonki's Sukiyaki

Nonki’s Sukiyaki

Nonki’s Sukiyaki Set is perfect for sharing for two person. Or for one very hungry diner. It is composed of one full Sukiyaki dish plus this one…

Nonki's Sushi Platter with the Sukiyaki Set

Nonki’s Sushi Platter with the Sukiyaki Set

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Thai Fish Cakes with Cilantro Brown Rice

Yup, I joined the health craze. And I’m happy that a new restaurant has opened with healthy dining in mind.

Thai Fish Cakes with Cilantro Brown Rice

Thai Fish Cakes with Cilantro Brown Rice

I’ve been to the Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop several times and it’s currently one of my favorite restaurants. My favorite is their Thai Fish Cakes with Cilantro Brown Rice.

The fish cakes are made of white marlin fillet seasoned with cilantro, chili, and other fresh herbs and spices. The fish cakes are seasoned well without the taste being too overpowering. It is coated lightly with breadcrumbs and fried perfectly with the fish fillet still moist. And it’s not too oily, either. It’s so good you won’t notice you’re eating something healthy.

Thai Fish Cakes

Thai Fish Cakes

The Thai Fish Cakes are served with a sweet dipping sauce which I haven’t quite figured out what it’s made of yet. While the fish cakes are great on its own, the dipping sauce add another flavor to the dish which makes it more interesting. The sauce perfectly complements the herby taste of the fish cakes.

The Thai Fish Cakes comes with a heap of Cilantro Brown Rice.

Cilantro Brown Rice

Cilantro Brown Rice

Sea Green serves its rice meals with organic brown or black rice. Brown Rice makes the Thai Fish Cakes meal more satisfying. The brown rice has a mild nutty flavor and a bit of bite which I like. The brown rice is seasoned with some cilantro which mimics the taste of the fish cakes. Cilantro has a mild taste so the cilantro in the fish cakes and the cilantro in the rice doesn’t overwhelm.

This dish is satisfying, with a great combination of flavors. The Thai Fish Cakes, the dipping sauce, and the Cilantro Brown Rice all complement each other resulting in a meal that would satisfy your appetite, your palate, and your need eat something healthy.

Thinking about this dish makes me excited to go back to Sea Grass right away.

Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop is located along the Circumferential Road, Dona Vicenta Subdvision in Davao City. You may reach them at +6382-3054765 or at +63939-9361081. They are open Mondays to Saturdays, from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm. For more information and inquiries, like their page at this link.

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Teriyaki Boy’s Tebasaki

Are you as crazy about Japanese food as I am? Here’s a new one from Teriyaki Boy: TEBASAKI!

Teriyaki Boy's Tebasaki: Japanese Style Double Fried Chicken Wings

Teriyaki Boy’s Tebasaki: Japanese Style Double Fried Chicken Wings

Tebasaki is Teriyaki Boy’s take on the current chicken wing craze. It’s Japanese style double fried chicken wings. And it’s a great way to start your Japanese meal at TBoy.

Teriyaki Boy’s Tebasaki has a sweet and garlicky glaze with a the flavors seeping in to the tender chicken wings. It’s something I would gladly devour with my fingers. It’s delicious.

You can eat it as a appetizer or as your main course. I suggest you order it with one of their soups or salads to balance the savory taste of the wings. Maybe a bowl of steaming Miso Soup or my favorite Crunchy Salmon Salad. Or you can eat the tasty Tebasaki with some rice.

The Tebasaki is just one of the not so common Japanese dishes you can enjoy at Teriyaki Boy. So if you’re craving for a different kind of wing, head over to Teriyaki Boy.

In Davao City, Teriyaki Boy is located at the Second Floor of the Abreeza Ayala Mall, along JP Laurel Avenue, Buhangin, Davao City.

Panagatan Seafoods Restaurant

Nothing like deliciously cooked fresh seafood to make me happy.

Grilled Seafood Platter

Grilled Seafood Platter

I had the pleasure of dining at one of Mindanao’s dining gems, Panagatan Seafoods Restaurant in Opol, Misamis Oriental during a roadtrip to Iligan City from Cagayan de Oro City. When I was told we’d be eating at a restaurant along the way, I had expected a small quaint restaurant with a few dishes on the menu to served to weary travelers. I certainly did not expect a humongous seaside restaurant that served a selection of fresh seafoods which can be cooked according to the diners’ preference. I was in heaven.
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Clawdaddy’s Boiling Bag

Imagine a bag full of the freshest seafoods and all their juices.

Clawdaddy's Boiling Bag

Clawdaddy’s Boiling Bag

That is exactly what Clawdaddy’s Boiling Bag is. The chefs of Clawdaddy have chosen out the freshest seafood picks from Davao’s markets and seasoned it with herbs and spices. Plus some potatoes and spicy sausages. All these are packed in a food grade bag and boiled until all the herbs and spices have penetrated every piece of seafood.

The result is a delicious blend of seafood with all its sumptuous juices in a bag full of yummy seafood goodness. The seafoods maintain their juiciness while absorbing the delicious blend of Clawdaddy’s herbs and spices and the flavors of the sausage. And the juice is so delicious you won’t resist dipping some bread into it and munching every bite of it. Even the tender potatoes are so flavorful. If you’re a rice eater, you will definitely love soaking your rice with the juices of the seafood.

The Clawdaddy Boiling Bag is a great way to enjoy Davao’s delectable seafood selections with your family and friends. You will certainly not think twice about getting your fingers soaked in the seafood and its juices. Just thinking about it makes me salivate. It’s definitely a yummy way to enjoy seafoods.

In Davao City, Clawdaddy Crabhouse and American Grill is located at the Ground Floor of the Fountain Court of SM Lanang Premier. For more information and updates, like their page.

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Bicol Express

Bicol Express by Gillian's Seafood Wharf

Bicol Express by Gillian’s Seafood Wharf

Bicol Express is a popular Filipino dish named after the train that used to ply the Manila-Bicol route. Bicol is a region in Southern Luzon. Elsewhere in the Philippines, Bicol Express is served as a mix of vegetables stewed in gata (coconut milk) and bagoong (shrimp paste) with a bit of chili.

Authentic Bicol Express, however, is pork (ground or cubes) stewed in gata, bagoong, and a lot of chili. The Bicol region is known for their spicy gata dishes and the Bicol Express is the most popular one.

During my trip to Legaspi, Albay last October, my first meal was Bicol Express at Gilian’s Seafood Wharf. And it was hot, hot, hot. It was too spicy for my palate. But the spicyness did not overpower the dish. I could still taste the saltiness of the bagoong, the richness of the gata, and the pork flavor. Eventhough, it was more spicy than what I am used to, I couldn’t stop eating it. It was definitely delicious.

The Bicol Express is best eaten with rice. Lots of rice. And some soda. Ice cold water just isn’t enough to wash down the spicy Bicol Express.

I had even more Bicol Express, Laing, and Pinangat in the coming days. If you’re not too fond of spicy food, remember that in Bicol when they say something is “not spicy,” that means it’s mildly spicy. And “mildly spicy food” is “very spicy” for those who are not used to the Bicol food.

When in Legaspi, visit the Embarcadero de Legaspi mall. They have a row of restaurants serving various Bicol and seafood dishes. We ate at Gillian’s Seafood Wharf. Their Bicol Express is superb.

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