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World Food Expo Bingo 2016

WOFEX 2016

WOFEX 2016

The World Food Expo (WOFEX) is just around the corner! WOFEX is the biggest food show in the Philippines, simultaneously occupying two of the biggest conventions centers in the country: the SMX Convention Center and World Trade Center. WOFEX is for industry professionals as well as foodies who are curious about the latest cooking crazes.

The Philippines has been WOFEX’s home for many years now, and it is being held multiple times a year. If you’ve been attending the event for a long time now and want to add a new dynamic to the experience, why not try doing an activity that is exclusively for you and your friends?

There are a lot of things to see at WOFEX. Apart from food stalls, there are Michelin-star chefs from all over the world who grace the event and share their latest techniques in cooking. There are also restaurateurs who are hoping to catch the public’s attention by showcasing their skills and dishes at the event. As an attendee, can you guess what you’re about to see at the upcoming WOFEX? If you think you can, try playing the WOFEX bingo game!

All you have to do is print a blank bingo card at Bingo Baker or any other site that allows people to print blank cards. Once you have one, fill in the blank spaces with things that you think you might see at the event. It could be anything from “Iberico ham being sold at a stall,” “Mad knife skills by a chef” or “New restaurant launching.” Once you spot something at the event, and it’s on your card, daub it off. If you can daub them all, you’ll win two things: a treat for yourself and bragging rights among your friends!

Bingo is one of the most customizable games that has ever been invented, and it is for this very reason why it is so fun. In the UK, there’s an Eatwell Bingo initiative that encourages people to eat healthy. Instead of just using bingo balls and cards, Eatwell Bingo also uses picture cards that contain information on healthy food options. In the online world, bingo continues to evolve as well, and providers customize the game in order to keep it interesting. An example of this is the online live caller option where players have the choice to play the game with actual callers – an experience that is relatively new to the world. As for the WOFEX bingo game, it is a product of bingo’s evolution, and an example of how people can effectively customize the game in order to achieve a certain goal.

WOFEX will be held from August 3 – 6, 2016. Find out more by visiting the event’s official site here!

Vikings Luxury Buffet Kadayawan Specials

Vikings Special Davao Kinilaw by Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao

Vikings Special Davao Kinilaw by Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao

Davao is a melting pot of cultures. There are Christians, Muslims, and various groups of Indigenous Peoples. People speak Tagalog, Bisaya, English, Hiligaynon, Waray, and various other dialects and languages. The cuisine is also a melting pot of cuisines, using local fresh ingredients in a variety of techniques and cuisines. All in living in harmony in one perfect spot. The Kadayawan Festival is celebrated each year to celebrate Davao’s unique diversity and the bountiful harvest of fruits, vegetables, seafood, and other products.

Vikings Luxury Buffet captures the Kadayawan spirit and presents it in a deliciously unique culinary experience through their Kadayawan Special Menu.


The Kadayawan Menu starts with some unique Filipino appetizers served with a unique Davao twist. One of my favorites is the Vikings Special Davao Kinilaw.

Vikings Special Davao Kinilaw by Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao

Vikings Special Davao Kinilaw by Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao

This Special Kinilaw (Filipino ceviche) is prepared with a mix of tuna, salmon, lechon (Roast Pig), and pomelo. The dish produces a refreshing mix of flavors and textures that refreshes and excites the palate. It is the excellent way to begin a sumptuous feast.
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Sarangani Bay

Sarangani Bay Beach

Sarangani Bay Beach

One of the places I love going to is the Socsksargen Region. Socsksargen stands for South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, and General Santos City. I love the place because of the friendly and accommodating people, the hidden secret getaway places, and the yummy food composed mostly of fresh seafood.

The area is known for their fish produce and other seafood products and one of the companies that call it their home is Sarangani Bay. Sarangay Bay is a food company that produces, processes, and packs seafood, primarily milkfish or bangus. Our family has been buying their products for years since their produce is always clean, fresh, and great tasting.

Sarangani Bay process fish from the bay from which the company it was named from, Sarangani Bay. It is home to bangus, shrimps, and other seafood. In 2011, the pristine Sarangani Bay produced enough bangus fry and fingerlings has grown from these waters to supply over 50% of the country’s bangus needs.

Alsons Aquaculture Corporation, owner of Sarangani Bay (the company) is considered as the steward of Sarangani’s unspoiled coastline. Despite their successful seafood business, the waters in Sarangani Bay are kept ideal for growing and breeding bangus.

Find out more about Sarangani Bay (the company) at www.saranganibay.com.ph.

We do hope to see you in Sarangani Bay (the place) soon. It’s has a great unspoiled shoreline that is perfect for relaxation, even though it is also a good source of fresh, clean sustainable seafood.

The Sweetest Thing

Cooking with Cousins

Cooking with Cousins

I consider writing as my greatest passion. A close second would be cooking and baking. And I consider it a great challenge and honor to cook and bake for my family and friends. Throughout 2010, I did a lot of cooking. Not much baking, though.

Everytime I cooked, I would like unglamorous, hair sticking out in the wrong places, face very oily, and sometimes I would be sweating. Profusely. I’m not a pretty sight when I cook. But I enjoy it to the hilt. Despite the heat from the stove and oven, the sharp knives, the ingredients’ smells sticking to my body and clothes, I love cooking.
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Kusina Maria is Mindanao’s Best Food Blog

Best Food Blog - Mindanao: Kusina Maria

I have been blogging for six years. I have maintained and blogged for more than 10 blogs. Majority of these blogs have been nominated and have been finalists in the Philippine Blog Awards in the past four years. But this is the first time that I have won anything. I am very much happy that after being voted as one of the 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2010, this blog was given the Best Food Blog Award by the PBA – Mindanao 2010.

Happy does not even begin to describe how I felt when I received the good news. I would like to thank the people who have helped me in making and building this blog. Much thanks to:

  • Mommy and Daddy who supported my culinary classes;
  • my chef instructors and classmates at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS), Cucina Nueve;
  • my aunts who taught me a lot about cooking and baking;
  • my cousins who share with me the passion for good food and eating, especially Kuya Andrew who has played a significant role in my blogs and blogging career;
  • my friends and blogging colleagues who have been my eager taste testers and critics;
  • restaurants and cafes who have welcomed me and my friends into their establishments, special mention to Lachi’s, Crepelato, Jose Rafael Fine Coffee, Pablo’s and Ranchero’s, Kangaroo Coffee Company, and Riverwalk Restaurant;
  • my partner Earl, and Mam Bebs master baker Nang Patring, and to all the others who have assisted me in the kitchen; and
  • my blog readers and my 13 blog subscribers.

The other nominees in the category are food blogs that I personally read and follow. In fact, I nominated most of the finalists in the category. The Best Food Blog – Mindanao finalists are:

I am proud to be among these bloggers and to have been the lucky one to have been given the award. For six years, I have blogged because I love writing. For the past year, I have blogged about food because I love food and cooking and baking. I guess my passion shows and it has reaped its rewards.

This award had inspired me to be a better blogger and to work harder to earn more experience, skills, and credibility as a food writer.


Congratulations to the other winners of the Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao 2010, especially to members of Mindanao New Media! May we continue to present the true and real Mindanao. 🙂

Image courtesy of Leah Valle.

Kusina Maria is one of the 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2010

Emerging Influential Blogs of 2010

Emerging Influential Blogs of 2010

For the third (or fourth) year in a row, one of my blogs was nominated to be one of the Ten Emerging Influential Blogs. This year, this blog Kusina Maria was able to get enough votes to be in the 4th slot of the Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2010.
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