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Classio Mobile Wood Fired Oven Pizza

Classio Mobile Wood Fired Oven Pizza

Barbeque Pizza (with Pastrami) by Classio Mobile Wood Fired Oven

It’s Friday! Celebrate the weekend with a slice of pizza at Classio Mobile Wood Fired Oven.

Clasio is the only food truck in Davao with an actual wood fired oven. The wood fired oven gives off a nice smokey flavor and crunch to the pizza crust of Classio Pizzas. Their pizza sauce is perfectly tangy. It complements their various toppings perfectly. And yes, there’s a good amount of cheese in the pizza, as well.

My personal favorites are the All Cheese Pizza and the Mortadella Pizza.
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Chicken Skin by Espetada

Chicken Skin by Espetada the House of Hanging Chicken

Chicken Skin by Espetada: House of the Hanging Chicken

A few months ago, Espetada: House of the Hanging Chicken created a buzz on social media. After two trips to this trending foodie destination, I can conclude it’s a quaint foodie experience in Davao. And super cheap, too.

On my second trip to Espetada, I saw something on their menu that made me excited. There, in the Extras section of the Menu was listed Chicken Skin. I ordered 1 serving to satisfy my curiosity and I was pleasantly surprised.
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Vikings Luxury Buffet features Street Foods of the World

Pork Satay (Indonesian Spiced Skewers) by Vikings Luxury Buffet - Street Foods of the World

Pork Satay by Vikings Luxury Buffet – Street Foods of the World

There is a saying for travelers that goes: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

When visiting a city or country, you can find their best kept culinary secrets, not in high end restaurants, but in street food sold by ambulant vendors. Street food represent a part of a locality’s culture and is usually prepared and made from abundant ingredients in that area.

Now, you do not need to go to Rome to do as the Romans do. Take a culinary trip around the world this August at Vikings Luxury Buffet. Street foods from around the world take the centerstage at all Vikings Luxury Buffet branches.

From Southeast Asia to Europe and the Americas, your palate will be tickled by hometown favorites of various countries.

Start off your journey with a street food popular in Rome and in the rest of Italy.

Suppli (Italian Rice Balls) by Vikings Luxury Buffet - Street Foods of the World

Suppli by Vikings Luxury Buffet – Street Foods of the World

Suppli comes from the Italian word “sopresa” that means “surprise.” And it lives up to its name. It looks like an ubiquitous meatball. It is actually a ball of risotto (Italian short-grained rice) mixed with eggs, tomato sauce, meat, and mozzarella cheese. Each ball is dredged in bread crumbs and deep fried.

The result is a crunchy ball with a soft, savory center with a hint of salty, sour, and sweet. The rice has a bit of bite that makes the ball more interesting. It is typically eaten as a snack or as an appetizer. Vikings’ Suppli is so delightfully tasty that you will be addicted to it. It looks and sounds a bit weird but it will certainly please you.

From Rome, cross the Atlantic Ocean and visit the Americas with these skewers from Brazil called Espetinho.

Espetinho (Brazilian Kebabs) by Vikings Luxury Buffet - Street Foods of the World

Espetinho by Vikings Luxury Buffet – Street Foods of the World

“Espetinho” is a Portugese word meaning “little skewer.” It also pertains to a popular kebab dish that is made from diced spiced meat. It can be made of beef, chicken, sausages, fish, and shrimps. Vikings version of this is made of shrimps, fish, and mushrooms. It is served with a sweet, sticky sauce with a hint of saltiness. The sauce complements the spiced kebabs well. It’s awesome when eaten with rice.
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Strawberry Shortcake by Alor’s

Strawberry Shortcake by Alors A Home Kitchen

Strawberry Shortcake by Alors A Home Kitchen

Not all beautiful food is delicious. But this one is. This tempting dessert is Strawberry Shortcake by Alor’s: A Home Kitchen.

Imagine sweet, soft sponge cake layered with creamy airy cream with bits of caramelized walnuts nuts and topped with a slice of plump fresh strawberry. Sounds delightful, right? IT IS! I is perfectly sweet with a bit of crunch and balanced by the sweet and tart fresh strawberry.

Just look at it.

Strawberry Shortcake by Alors A Home Kitchen

Strawberry Shortcake by Alors A Home Kitchen

This Alors treat will definitely add sweetness to make any celebration more memorable. No wonder this is one of the most demand items in Alor’s famous dessert buffets. Every time I see this at a dessert spread in any occasion, I know I’ll have good memories of the event.
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Wasabi Oyster Tempura by White House

Wasabi Oyster Tempura with Balsamic Mayonnaise

Wasabi Oyster Tempura with Balsamic Mayonnaise

When I was younger, my cousin told me that Oysters are the best shellfish you can have. It’s “prima classe,” she said. We were having sacks (literally, sacks) of steamed oysters straight from Roxas for our family lunch. Back then, I have never tried oysters and I was hesitant. I was fond of shellfish and I had to try this “prima classe” shellfish. I ended up loving it… steamed, baked, Rockefeller style, grilled and even raw, I can eat oysters all day long. A lot of people are hesitant to try oysters as I was, especially since it is often served raw or steamed. The slimy texture and the briny taste is offputting for people.

If you belong to the hesitant crowd, here’s one way you can enjoy it without losing the unique flavor of the oyster. Try the Wasabi Oyster Tempura with Balsamic Mayonnaise by White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge.

True to their fusion cuisine brand, White House serves up various oyster dishes with a mix of Japanese and western flavors. The Wasabi Oyster Tempura is my favorite. The Oysters are lightly coated with a wasabi before it is dipped in tempura batter.
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Callos by Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp

Callos by Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp DFAT 2015

Callos by Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp

Among the numerous restaurants, cafes, diners, bistros, and other food establishments I have tried and have come to love, my heart still belongs to my all-time most favorite restaurant, Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp. There are numerous reasons why I love Lachi’s. Primary of which is how their evokes a feeling of being at home.

Lachi’s serves comfort food. Simple food that is familiar to all and will remind you of fond memories with family and friends. Every year, they add more menu items to delight the tongue and fill the tummy with even more reasons to love Lachi’s. One such dish is Callos.

Callos is a dish from Spain that has been part of Filipino celebrations since the colonization of the Spaniards. Callos is a tomato-based stew made with beef tripe (tuwalya), garbanzo beans, Chorizo Bilbao (Bilbao sausages), and bell peppers. It may also contain beef or pork. It is traditionally served only on special occasions since it takes a long time to to prepare and cook this dish. But you don’t have to wait for those special occasions anymore.
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