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Strawberry Shortcake by Alor’s

Strawberry Shortcake by Alors A Home Kitchen

Strawberry Shortcake by Alors A Home Kitchen

Not all beautiful food is delicious. But this one is. This tempting dessert is Strawberry Shortcake by Alor’s: A Home Kitchen.

Imagine sweet, soft sponge cake layered with creamy airy cream with bits of caramelized walnuts nuts and topped with a slice of plump fresh strawberry. Sounds delightful, right? IT IS! I is perfectly sweet with a bit of crunch and balanced by the sweet and tart fresh strawberry.

Just look at it.

Strawberry Shortcake by Alors A Home Kitchen

Strawberry Shortcake by Alors A Home Kitchen

This Alors treat will definitely add sweetness to make any celebration more memorable. No wonder this is one of the most demand items in Alor’s famous dessert buffets. Every time I see this at a dessert spread in any occasion, I know I’ll have good memories of the event.
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Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2015

Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2015

Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2015

Every year, food and travel bloggers from all over the Philippines travel to Davao for the biggest food adventure in the Philippines, the Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT). From a simple food tour aimed to encourage bloggers and tourists to visit Davao City, DFAT has grown bigger and better every year. With the support of Davao’s food establishments, various national brands and companies, and government agencies, DFAT has become the most anticipated food and travel blogging event in the Philippines.

Since 2008, DFAT has helped local restaurants share to Filipino bloggers and tourists the best food finds and foodie experiences in Davao Region.

This 2015, DFAT is set to deliver another memorable food adventure. Here are the food establishments set to tickle the palates and fill the tummies of the DFAT 2015 Team.


Alor's: A Home Kitchen

Alor’s: A Home Kitchen

Since 1988, Yummy has been a staple in the Davao food scene. Mama Alor Lim-Despabiladeras and her siblings shared a passion for preparing good food which inspired them to share their yummy creations with other people. In the early 2000s, Mama Alor’s, James Despabiladeras and Diana D. Chua Chui Hian, opened Alor’s: A Home Kitchen as homage to their mother’s passion for cooking and good food. Just a few months ago, the Despabiladeras siblings re-launched the Yummy brand through a homey restaurant that serves unforgettable savory meals and sweet desserts.



Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/alors.kitchen
#YummyDavao #AlorsAHomeKitchen


Basti's Brew

Basti’s Brew

Not so long ago, Davao City was known as the city where cafes and restaurants offers free WiFi. We have to thank Basti’s Brew for that. Basti’s Brew opened in 1999 as a specialty coffee shop that serves freshly brewed coffee blends from breakfast until past midnight. Through the years, Basti’s Brew has served not just coffee, but also a variety of sandwiches, Pinoy pizzas, pasta, and full meals that is sure to satisfy anybody’s appetite.

Pizzas by Basti's Brew

Pizzas by Basti’s Brew

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bastis-Brew/271286574620


Davao is known for our affordable buffet restaurants. Foremost of which is home grown Chippens owned by the San Joses. Now, comes a new dining outlet from the San Jose family, Chippens Cafe. It is a quaint restaurant that serves multi-course meals all delicately prepared by Chef Chino San Jose.


Also a homegrown coffeeshop, Yellow Hauz serves as home of Davao Bloggers, playing host to many Davao Bloggers Tete a Tetes and Workshops. Yellow Hauz serves freshly brewed coffee, filling savory dishes, and delectable desserts.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/yellowhauz


Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp.

Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp.

Since DFAT’s inception in 2008, Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp. has been a staple in the event’s list of featured restaurants. And it is always, the most anticipated and highly rated stop. The reasons? A plethora of mouth-watering dishes and a to die for dessert buffet.

Cheesecakes by Lachi's

Cheesecakes by Lachi’s

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lachisdavao


Mam Bebs Bakeshop

Mam Bebs Bakeshop

Another staple of DFAT is Davao’s homegrown bakery, Mam Bebs Bakeshop which served meals, bread and pastries to generations of Davaoeños. From the simple Lug-Lug and Mami to unique Patato Rolls and Mango Squares, Mam Bebs has captured the hearts and filled the tummies of Davaoeños who are looking for wholesome, homemade treats.

Mini rolls made of potato flour and topped with cheese, butter, and sugar

It’s not ensaymada. It’s Potato Rolls.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mambebsbakeshop


Margie's Bakeshop

Margie’s Bakeshop

An import from Butuan, Margie’s Bakeshop has 4 outlets in Davao City. They are known for their best-selling pasalubong items, Brownie Thins and Oatmeal thins. Margie’s Bakeshop also serves various of cakes and pastries, all made from high-quality ingredients.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Margies-Bakeshop/62774312837
Instagram: @Margies_Davao
#margiesdavao #margiesbakeshop


Missy Bon Bon

Missy Bon Bon

Missy Bon Bon, one of Cagayan de Oro’s most famous food establishment’s has just opened a branch in Davao. Popular for their signature Pastel and luscious gelato, Missy Bon Bon is one of Mindanao’s must-try foodie spots.

Gelato by Missy Bon Bon

Gelato by Missy Bon Bon

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MissyBonBonBreadshop
Twitter: @MissyBonBon
Instagram: @ILoveMissyBonBon


Dubbed as the #HeartofDavao, Marco Polo Hotel Davao prides itself as the home of several food and beverage outlets that offer distinct gastronomic experiences. Both Polo Bistro and the Lotus Court have been a part of DFAT in the past years, giving the DFAT Bloggers a unique sensory experience that remain with them for years.

Prawns Thermidore by Polo Bistro of Marco Polo Davao

Prawns Thermidore by Polo Bistro of Marco Polo Davao

Website: http://www.marcopolohotels.com/en/marco_polo/hotels/philippines/davao/marco_polo_davao/index.html
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/marcopolodavaohotel
Twitter: @MarcoPoloDavao
Instagram: @MarcoPoloDavao
#MarcoPoloDavao #HeartofDavao


Viking's Luxury Buffet

Viking’s Luxury Buffet

The biggest player in Davao’s buffet scene is Viking’s Luxury Buffet. From a wide selection of salads and appetizers to their expansive dessert spread, Viking’s serves up a wide array of dishes (and drinks) representing cuisines from all around the world.

Sushi at Vikings SM Lanang Premier Davao

Sushi at Vikings SM Lanang Premier Davao

Website: http://vikings.ph
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VikingsLanang
Twitter: @vikingsbuffet
#VikingsDavao #EatLikeaViking
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Frozen Brazo by Alor’s Home Kitchen

Alors Frozen Brazo Davao Food

Strawberry Frozen Brazo by Alor's Home Kitchen

When I visited Alor’s Home Kitchen I was expecting great food. What I didn’t expect was the surperb desserts that we had an overload of.

After serving loads of appetizers, main courses, and several desserts, Alor’s Home Kitchen ended the dinner with several servings of Frozen Brazo: Chocolate, Mango, Durian, and Strawberry.

Brazo is brazo de mercedes, a soft meringue roll with custard inside. Frozen brazo is a variation of the original. It is composed of layers of cake, soft meringue, and flavored custard.

Among the Frozen Brazo varieties that we were served, my favorite was the Mango Brazo. It had a layer of crust on the bottom, a layer of vanilla or plain ice cream, frozen mango custard with bits of mangoes, and a soft meringue top. The top middle layers were frozen so they had an ice cream like consistency. Well, ice cream is also a kind of meringue so it makes sense. The different flavors and textures of the layers blended and balanced really well.

It’s definitely a delight for fruit lovers with a sweet tooth.

Alor’s Home Kitchen also does catering for savory dishes and desserts.

Alor’s Home Kitchen located at F. Torres Street, Davao City. You may contact them at +6382-2225577.

Forty-Clove Chicken by Alor’s Home Kitchen

Forty Clove Chicken by Alors Home Kitchen a Davao Restaurant

Forty-Clove Chicken by Alor's Home Kitchen

One can never go wrong with olive oil and garlic. All things cooked in olive oil and garlic taste great. So when I saw Forty-Clove Chicken on the menu of Alor’s Home Kitchen, I got excited. The dish description definitely made me salivate even more: “Pan-roasted chicken in olive oil with garlic and potato slivers served with rice.” Mmm…

When it was served before me, it certainly didn’t disappoint. The chicken meat was tender and juicy with the skin a bit crispy and very savory. The garlic was deliciously good and it complemented the chicken very well. The potato slivers echoed the same savory herb taste of the chicken and the garlic cloves. DELISH!

You can taste this memorable chicken dish at Alor’s Home Kitchen, a Davao restaurant. Other highly recommended dishes are the Heirloom Chicken Ring, the Golden Rolls, the Shrimp Gratin, and the Angus Roast Beef. And do try their desserts.

Alor’s Home Kitchen is located at F. Torres Street, Davao City. You may contact them at +6382-2225577.