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Frozen Brazo by Alor’s Home Kitchen

Alors Frozen Brazo Davao Food

Strawberry Frozen Brazo by Alor's Home Kitchen

When I visited Alor’s Home Kitchen I was expecting great food. What I didn’t expect was the surperb desserts that we had an overload of.

After serving loads of appetizers, main courses, and several desserts, Alor’s Home Kitchen ended the dinner with several servings of Frozen Brazo: Chocolate, Mango, Durian, and Strawberry.

Brazo is brazo de mercedes, a soft meringue roll with custard inside. Frozen brazo is a variation of the original. It is composed of layers of cake, soft meringue, and flavored custard.

Among the Frozen Brazo varieties that we were served, my favorite was the Mango Brazo. It had a layer of crust on the bottom, a layer of vanilla or plain ice cream, frozen mango custard with bits of mangoes, and a soft meringue top. The top middle layers were frozen so they had an ice cream like consistency. Well, ice cream is also a kind of meringue so it makes sense. The different flavors and textures of the layers blended and balanced really well.

It’s definitely a delight for fruit lovers with a sweet tooth.

Alor’s Home Kitchen also does catering for savory dishes and desserts.

Alor’s Home Kitchen located at F. Torres Street, Davao City. You may contact them at +6382-2225577.

Forty-Clove Chicken by Alor’s Home Kitchen

Forty Clove Chicken by Alors Home Kitchen a Davao Restaurant

Forty-Clove Chicken by Alor's Home Kitchen

One can never go wrong with olive oil and garlic. All things cooked in olive oil and garlic taste great. So when I saw Forty-Clove Chicken on the menu of Alor’s Home Kitchen, I got excited. The dish description definitely made me salivate even more: “Pan-roasted chicken in olive oil with garlic and potato slivers served with rice.” Mmm…

When it was served before me, it certainly didn’t disappoint. The chicken meat was tender and juicy with the skin a bit crispy and very savory. The garlic was deliciously good and it complemented the chicken very well. The potato slivers echoed the same savory herb taste of the chicken and the garlic cloves. DELISH!

You can taste this memorable chicken dish at Alor’s Home Kitchen, a Davao restaurant. Other highly recommended dishes are the Heirloom Chicken Ring, the Golden Rolls, the Shrimp Gratin, and the Angus Roast Beef. And do try their desserts.

Alor’s Home Kitchen is located at F. Torres Street, Davao City. You may contact them at +6382-2225577.