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Forty-Clove Chicken by Alor’s Home Kitchen

Forty Clove Chicken by Alors Home Kitchen a Davao Restaurant

Forty-Clove Chicken by Alor's Home Kitchen

One can never go wrong with olive oil and garlic. All things cooked in olive oil and garlic taste great. So when I saw Forty-Clove Chicken on the menu of Alor’s Home Kitchen, I got excited. The dish description definitely made me salivate even more: “Pan-roasted chicken in olive oil with garlic and potato slivers served with rice.” Mmm…

When it was served before me, it certainly didn’t disappoint. The chicken meat was tender and juicy with the skin a bit crispy and very savory. The garlic was deliciously good and it complemented the chicken very well. The potato slivers echoed the same savory herb taste of the chicken and the garlic cloves. DELISH!

You can taste this memorable chicken dish at Alor’s Home Kitchen, a Davao restaurant. Other highly recommended dishes are the Heirloom Chicken Ring, the Golden Rolls, the Shrimp Gratin, and the Angus Roast Beef. And do try their desserts.

Alor’s Home Kitchen is located at F. Torres Street, Davao City. You may contact them at +6382-2225577.

Nilutlot na Manok sa Gata

Chicken in Coconut Milk cooked in a Bamboo

Nilulot na Manok sa Gata

On the last day of the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011 (DFAT), everyone woke up extra early. We were going on a trip to Tibolo Village in Kapatagan, Davao del Sur. We were there as a guest of the Department of Tourism Regio XI led by Regional Director Art Boncato.

The DFAT participants got to enjoy the company of the Bagobo tribe members who live in the Tibolo Village. The Tibolo Village has a fantastic view of Mount Apo.

The most interesting foodie part of the entire experience was enjoying a wonderfully unique breakfast. Aside from the salted dried fish, the vegetable salad, and the vegetables in coconut milk (gata), we were served delicious coffee prepared with cooked corn served Bagobo style, and a refreshing fruit juice.

The piece de resistance of the yummy breakfast were two dishes cooked inside a bamboo, a cooking technique called “nilutlot.” My favorite dish is Nilutlot na Manok sa Gata, a delectably sinful oily native chicken cooked (manok) in gata with ginger, onions, and other spices. The nilutlot na manok sa gata was creamy, delicious, and the native chicken parts were tender and flavorful. The bamboo added a layer of flavor to the already flavorful recipe.

Another nilutlot dish we were served was cassava cake cooked inside a bamboo. The bamboo kept the cassava cake moist with some burnt parts having a toasty flavor.

To enjoy these delicious delights by our Bagobo brothers and sisters while looking at the majestic view of Mount Apo, visit the Tibolo Village at Kapatagan, Davao del Sur.

Duo Commis Chicken Pasta with Snow Peas in Mushroom Cream Sauce

Duo Commis Classic Cuisine Davao City

Chicken Pasta with Snow Peas in Mushroom Cream Sauce

Duo Commis Classic Cuisine by Simon Lee and Enzo Tuazon have prepared a new set of dishes for February to April 2011 that are most definitely interesting and delicious. One of their new tasty offerings is the Chicken Pasta with Snow Peas in Mushroom Sauce.
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Ranchero’s Garlic Chicken

Ranchero's Chicken

Chicken with Butter and Garlic

The first time I tasted this heavenly piece of chicken by Ranchero’s, I immediately fell in love with it. Chicken fried to a crisp in butter and garlic. What’s there not to love? Yummy… is an understatement.
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Pablo’s Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

For Day 1 of the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2010 (DFAT), the team had dinner at Pablo’s Steaks and Crabs. We tried their new menu offerings, one of which was the Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken.

Imagine rich cream cheese stuff inside juicy tender chicken meat coated with crispy breading and perfectly deep fried without any hint to greasiness. That’s that Pablo’s Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken is. Rich. Savory. Absolutely SINFUL!

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