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Amuse-Bouche at The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

“Mouth amuser”… this is what “amuse-bouche” literally means. And my mouth was certainly amused by this delectable dish served by The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge.

Amuse-Bouche at the White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

Amuse-Bouche at the White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

Amuse-bouche is a French term for a complimentary bite-sized hors d’oeuvre served by a chef to his VIP patrons. This is not offered on the menu and cannot be requested or ordered. It is served by the chef to his selected guests. It serves to showcase the skills and expertise of the chef and whet the appetite of his guest in a single bite.
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YuYu Cafe and Dessert Shop in Tagum City

YuYu Cafe and Dessert Shop is definitely a must-go-to destination for any foodie visiting Tagum City.

Yuyu Cafe's Chocolate Praline

Yuyu Cafe’s Chocolate Praline

YuYu Cafe is a homegrown establishment that is best know for their desserts. That Chocolate Praline looks yummy, yes? It tastes even better than it looks. Believe me.

But wait… before you try out their desserts, order from their menu of salads, pasta, pizza, and rice meals. For a light meal or snack option, try the Caprese Salad.
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Thai Fish Cakes with Cilantro Brown Rice

Yup, I joined the health craze. And I’m happy that a new restaurant has opened with healthy dining in mind.

Thai Fish Cakes with Cilantro Brown Rice

Thai Fish Cakes with Cilantro Brown Rice

I’ve been to the Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop several times and it’s currently one of my favorite restaurants. My favorite is their Thai Fish Cakes with Cilantro Brown Rice.

The fish cakes are made of white marlin fillet seasoned with cilantro, chili, and other fresh herbs and spices. The fish cakes are seasoned well without the taste being too overpowering. It is coated lightly with breadcrumbs and fried perfectly with the fish fillet still moist. And it’s not too oily, either. It’s so good you won’t notice you’re eating something healthy.

Thai Fish Cakes

Thai Fish Cakes

The Thai Fish Cakes are served with a sweet dipping sauce which I haven’t quite figured out what it’s made of yet. While the fish cakes are great on its own, the dipping sauce add another flavor to the dish which makes it more interesting. The sauce perfectly complements the herby taste of the fish cakes.

The Thai Fish Cakes comes with a heap of Cilantro Brown Rice.

Cilantro Brown Rice

Cilantro Brown Rice

Sea Green serves its rice meals with organic brown or black rice. Brown Rice makes the Thai Fish Cakes meal more satisfying. The brown rice has a mild nutty flavor and a bit of bite which I like. The brown rice is seasoned with some cilantro which mimics the taste of the fish cakes. Cilantro has a mild taste so the cilantro in the fish cakes and the cilantro in the rice doesn’t overwhelm.

This dish is satisfying, with a great combination of flavors. The Thai Fish Cakes, the dipping sauce, and the Cilantro Brown Rice all complement each other resulting in a meal that would satisfy your appetite, your palate, and your need eat something healthy.

Thinking about this dish makes me excited to go back to Sea Grass right away.

Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop is located along the Circumferential Road, Dona Vicenta Subdvision in Davao City. You may reach them at +6382-3054765 or at +63939-9361081. They are open Mondays to Saturdays, from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm. For more information and inquiries, like their page at this link.

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Crunchy Roll by Nonki Japanese Restaurant

One of the dishes I might never get tired of is the Japanese Crunchy Roll.

Crunchy Roll by Nonki Japanese Restaurant  in Davao City

Crunchy Roll by Nonki Japanese Restaurant

Crunchy Roll is quite a common roll sold by Japanese Restaurants. It’s an inside out roll made with sushi rice, nori (seaweed chips/sheets), and tempura batter, with some sesame seeds on the sides, and a generous dollop of kani with Japanese mayo and some egg roe on top.

It’s quite a delight to eat. It sounds simple but the contrast of textures from the soft rice and kani versus the crunch of the tempura batter is a nice surprise. All the flavors of the sushi roll components are subdued but the textures more than make up for it.

It’s a great sushi pick for those who don’t like eating raw food. It’s not recommended for dieters though, as it’s carb on carb. But it’s definitely a great appetizer or snack idea if you’re craving for something Japanese. Generally, it’s cheaper than other sushi rolls since it doesn’t have any fish, fruits, or veggies on it.

My favorite Crunchy Roll is by Nonki Japanese Restaurant here in Davao City. One serving can be just as filling as one full Japanese meal.

The Crunchy Roll is one item we always order when I’m there with my cousins or my friends. Try it.

Nonki Japanese Restaurant is located along F. Torres Street, Davao City.

Clawdaddy’s Boiling Bag

Imagine a bag full of the freshest seafoods and all their juices.

Clawdaddy's Boiling Bag

Clawdaddy’s Boiling Bag

That is exactly what Clawdaddy’s Boiling Bag is. The chefs of Clawdaddy have chosen out the freshest seafood picks from Davao’s markets and seasoned it with herbs and spices. Plus some potatoes and spicy sausages. All these are packed in a food grade bag and boiled until all the herbs and spices have penetrated every piece of seafood.

The result is a delicious blend of seafood with all its sumptuous juices in a bag full of yummy seafood goodness. The seafoods maintain their juiciness while absorbing the delicious blend of Clawdaddy’s herbs and spices and the flavors of the sausage. And the juice is so delicious you won’t resist dipping some bread into it and munching every bite of it. Even the tender potatoes are so flavorful. If you’re a rice eater, you will definitely love soaking your rice with the juices of the seafood.

The Clawdaddy Boiling Bag is a great way to enjoy Davao’s delectable seafood selections with your family and friends. You will certainly not think twice about getting your fingers soaked in the seafood and its juices. Just thinking about it makes me salivate. It’s definitely a yummy way to enjoy seafoods.

In Davao City, Clawdaddy Crabhouse and American Grill is located at the Ground Floor of the Fountain Court of SM Lanang Premier. For more information and updates, like their page.

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Arpochi’s Sweet and Spicy Crabs

Arpochi's Sweet and Spicy Crabs

Arpochi’s Sweet and Spicy Crabs

I absolutely love crabs. (Among other things.) So when I was invited to eat at Arpochi here in Davao, I didn’t hesitate. And I don’t regret it even if I overate.

The first branch of Arpochi is in Marbel, South Cotabato. They also have a branch in General Santos City. And just last year, they extended their seafood expertise to Davao City. Arpochi has a very bare but very delicious menu with only a few items, but all of them prepared first hand by the family that owns and manages the restaurant. All three branches are owned by family members of the original branch. So you are sure to get the same taste and quality at every branch.

When we ate at the Davao branch, I was overwhelmed by the huge crabs they served us. It was prepared with their signature Sweet and Spicy recipe. And it didn’t disappoint at all. The crab was perfectly cooked, the meat was not dry or soggy. It was juicy and sweet, seasoned with a lot of pepper and garlic, drenched in an unforgettable sweet sauce. Not too sweet though.

I rarely touch the food I eat but I happily ate with my hands while eating at Arpochi’s The crabs and the sauce were too tempting so I ate more than my share. ;)

Arpochi’s Sweet & Spicy Crabs is a delight for all seafood aficionados. They also serve prawns, chicken, squid and other dishes but people flock to Arpochi’s for the crabs. So you must absolutely try Arpochi’s Sweet & Spicy Crabs when you’re in Davao City.

The Apochi’s Davao Branch is located along Palma Gil Street, Obrero, Davao City. It might take a while to have your delicious crabs prepared so don’t hesitate to call them up to reserve seats and to order in advance. You may call them at +6382-3058246. They are open Mondays to Sundays from 10 am to 10 pm.