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Buta Kakuni by The White House Fusion Cuisine

Buta Kakuni by The White House Fusion Cuisine

Buta Kakuni by The White House Fusion Cuisine

Have you ever eaten pork belly so tender it melts in your mouth? I have.

Buta Kakuni is a Japanese dish which literally translates to “pork square simmered.” Buta Kakuni is a traditional Japanese dish prepared by cutting pork belly into squares and slowly braising it in soy sauce and dashi. The result is melt in your mouth pork belly with a perfectly balanced mix of sweet, sour, and salty, and a good dosage of umami. It is traditionally served with karashi, a type of mustard paste which provides the dish with spice and a hint of bitterness.

Buta Kakuni is said to have come from Chinese origins. It is close in flavor profile and preparation technique to Dongpo Pork which is square cut pork belly red-braised in soy sauce and Chinese fermented wine. This is also similar to the Filipino dish, Humba which is pork braised in soy sauce and aromatics.
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TGIF Tastes of America Menu

Kansas Mashed Potato Cakes by TGIF

Kansas Mashed Potato Cakes by TGIF

TGIF, popular for their American dishes in huge servings, serves up more American goodness with their Tastes of America Menu. The dishes put a new American spin to familiar dishes.

The menu starts off with the Southwest Shrimp Ceasar Salad, a classic Ceasar Salad served with grilled blackened shrimps and tortilla cheese crisps.

Southwest Shrimp Ceasar Salad by TGIF

Southwest Shrimp Ceasar Salad by TGIF

Blackened shrimps is from Cajun cooking prepared by dredging shrimps in a mixture of herbs and spices including cayenne pepper, paprika, and thyme. The result is tender shrimps bursting with flavor. The shrimps contrast nicely with the crisp greens, crunchy croutons, and the creamy, tangy dressing. The tortilla cheese crisps add another layer of interesting texture and flavor. The salad has all the flavors and ingredients to make it the perfect starter or a light meal in itself.
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Fiesta Sorpresa Favorites

Fiesta Sorpresa played host to participants of the famed Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2013. It was their second time to do so and once again, they didn’t disappoint.

They served old and new favorites, all Filipino dishes, all prepared and served perfectly.

Here are some of my favorites from Fiesta Sorpresa:

Fiesta Sorpresa Lumpia

Fiesta Sorpresa Lumpia

The Fiesta Sorpresa Lumpia is a great way to start your meal. It also goes well with rice or as a side dish to Fiesta Sorpresa’s other dishes. They also serve up a fabulous Lumpiang Sariwa which can be eaten as an appetizer, a snack item, or a healthy wholesome meal.
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Pork Humba by Fiesta Sorpresa

Pork Humba by Fiesta Sorpresa

Pork Humba by Fiesta Sorpresa

I have been to Fiesta Sorpresa in Digos several times. And while I have many highly recommended dishes there, the one that I absolutely love eating and eating… and eating over and over again is their Pork Humba.

Pork Humba is a uniquely Visayan dish that is also popular in Mindanao. It is pork slowly braised in soy sauce and brown sugar, seasoned with black peppercorn, laurel leaves, and star anis. Banana blossoms, saba banana, black mushrooms, boiled eggs, and black beans are also added for texture. Some people think it’s just a sweet version of the more popular adobo. But I beg to differ.

Pork Humba isn’t seasoned with vinegar and MUST HAVE peppercorn, laurel leaves, and star anis to be even considered as humba. Otherwise, it’s just sweet adobo.

Fiesta Sorpresa’s Pork Humba stands out because it is lovingly made with all the ingredients that are integral to humba. It has deliciously tender pork belly braised in a sweet soy sauce liquid and seasoned generously with laurel leaves, peppercorns, and star anis. The pork is so tender it will practically melt in your mouth. And the sauce… the sauce is so delectably delicious you will savor every drop of it. It will definitely make you forget about your diet.

It is best eaten with rice. Lots of rice. Of course! Just thinking about it makes me salivate. It’s definitely something worth sharing. Then again, it’s best to order a serving for every person because you wouldn’t want to share any of it. It’s that good. 😉

Don’t forget to try the Pork Humba and other lovingly made Filipino dishes of Fiesta Sorpresa whenever you’re in Digos City.

Fiesta Sorpresa is located at Rizal Avenue, Barangay San Jose, Digos City, Davao del Sur. It is beside Hotel Crisabelle. They are open from 11 am – 2 pm and from 5 pm – 10 pm. For more information, like their page at this link.

Original Cebu Balamban Liempo Now in Davao

Original Balamban Liempo

Original Balamban Liempo

It’s finally here. The liempo (pork belly) that claims to be tastier than lechon! Balamban Liempo has been making Cebu residents and tourists happy for quite some time.

Balamban is a municipality in Cebu province. It is the place where this mouth-watering liempo dish originated from. The original Balamban liempo restaurant and several copies have been selling this kind of liempo in other places in Cebu and the rest of the Philippines. Now, the original is also in Davao City.

Balamban liempo is pork belly stuffed with lemon grass, the same aromatic that is stuffed into lechon (roast whole pig). The pork belly is then roasted until the pork skin is crunchy like lechon skin or chicharon (pork skin crackling).

The original balamban liempo does have that distinct lechon taste owing to the lemon grass it is flavored and stuffed with. And the skin… oh the skin is just so heavenly. Crispy and salty, it is definitely a delight to eat.

If you love pork with a lot of flavor and crispy skin goodness, try the original Balamban Liempo from Cebu.

The Balamban Liempo restaurant had their soft opening a few weeks ago and they can be found at Delgar Commercial Complex, Km 5, J.P Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. It’s the building right before the Bajada flyover.

Pan de Bagnet

Pan de Bagnet by Bale Dutung Mercato Centrale Philippines

Pan de Bagnet by Bale Dutung

I went to Mercato Centrale determined to have some of the famous Pan de Bagnet. It’s an Ilocano dish served with an Italian flair.

Bagnet is deep fried pork belly popular in the Ilocos Region. It is a distinct Ilocano dish that is prepared through an arduous process of sun-drying, boiling, and deep frying. The pork belly is marinated in a variety of spices before it is cooked. Bagnet is usually served with a dipping made of vinegar, bagoong (shrimp sauce), and garlic. As my friends would insist (especially Maro), lechon kawali is not bagnet. So don’t get confused.

Bale Dutung, a Kapampangan specialty restaurant serves Pan de Bagnet at Mercato Centrale every Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am – 2 pm.

Pan de Bagnet is composed of slices of bagnet, tomatoes, bagoong dilis (anchovy sauce), and onions. All these are nestled in fresh mustard greens, and drenched with vinaigrette made with Sukang Iloko (Ilocos vinegar). These are all served up neatly inside a yummy ciabatta bread.

Each bite is the perfect balance of sinful bagnet, veggies, bread, and vinaigrette. Delicious! The thought of this delicious sandwich makes me even more excited for my next Manila trip.

This is definitely part of my Mercato Centrale checklist. I am looking forward to eating more culinary delights and specialty foods at my favorite foodie destination in Metro Manila.

The Pan de Bagnet and another Bale Dutung specialty Lechon Tortilla, are available at the Bale Dutung booth at Mercato Centrale, open at The Fort, Saturdays and Sundays, 10 am – 2 pm.

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