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Mother’s Cake House

Sans Rival by Mother's Cake House

Sans Rival by Mother’s Cake House

There’s nothing like meals from a local bakery to make you feel at home. This is what Mother’s Cake House provides to Pampange├▒os… delicious comfort food. From home-cooked snack items to creamy, rich pastries, Mother’s Cake House will make you feel right at home.

My two favorites from their Snacks Menu are the Tacos and the Baked Macaroni, primarily because both as overloaded with cheese, cheese, and even more cheeeeese. Lookie!

Taco by Mother's Cake House

Taco by Mother’s Cake House

I always crave for Tacos as we don’t have a legit Mexican restaurant in Davao. The Taco by Mother’s Cake House satiated my craving. The filling is savory. The veggies are crunchy. And the amount of cheese is absolutely heavenly. Plus, it comes with a tangy and spicy sauce that ties in everything together perfectly.
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Durian Sans Rival by Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp

Durian Sans Rival by Lachis Sans Rival Atbp

Durian Sans Rival by Lachis Sans Rival Atbp

Davao is a haven for fruit lovers. And one of the most popular fruits that Davao is known for is of course, Durian. Durian is the “King of Fruits,” it has a creamy flesh, a bittersweet flavor, all masked by a funky smell. Depending on the variety, the flesh can be milky, sweet, bitter, or any combination of the three. It’s deliciously decadent, but most people are turned off by its strong pungent smell. As some people would say, it “smells like hell but tastes like heaven.”

Durian is one of the things most Davaoenos love and would of us would try to convince most tourists to try. Undeniably, the strong smell is offputting for a lot of people. Love for durian isn’t exactly an “acquired taste,” but more of an “acquired smell.”

Enter Durian Sans Rival.
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Lachi’s Sans Rival

Lachi's Classic Sans Rival

Lachi's Classic Sans Rival

Much has been written and said about Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp. Most of them glowing reviews and most of them true. Lachi’s does serve delicious home-cooked meals and quality but affordable pastries. But the pastry that started the fame is of course, their Sans Rival.

Sans Rival is a uniquely Filipino dessert made of layers of cashew meringue and rich buttercream icing. Lachi is the matriarch of the Aviles clan and she was the one who perfected and made popular the pastry that cause flocks of people to visit Lachi.

Today, Lachi’s is managed by his twin sons Melvin and Mike who have continued the tradition of making home baked pastries with top notch quality, made from the finest ingredients, at low affordable prices. And they continue on producing the best sans rival I have ever tasted.

Their sans rival has airy but crunchy thick cashew meringue wafers that are perfectly sweet. In between and on top of the wafers is a layer of rich and heavenly buttercream. The blend of crunchy and creamy gives each bite of the sans rival a burst of yummy sensations. On top of the sans rival is a generous sprinkling of cashew nuts which add another layer of delightful texture and flavor. The nuts cut through the richness of the buttercream and make the pastry even more delicious.

Lachi’s Classic Sans Rival is available in their store Mondays to Saturdays. You can order a slice for a little over P50 or an entire cake for P320.

If you want to try a uniquely Davao Sans Rival, pre-order a Durian Sans Rival. Or for coffee lovers, I suggest the Coffee Sans Rival. Both variants are available as whole cakes only and only via pre-order.

If you’re in Davao, you must drop by Lachi’s to try out their Sans Rival and other delicious offers.

Address: VAL Building, Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, Davao City
Contact Numbers: +6382-2245552 and +63916-9841183

Facebook Page: LINK
Foursquare: LINK

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Lachi’s Dessert Bar

Lachi's Dessert Bar during DFAT 2010

Lachi's Dessert Bar during DFAT 2010

The Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT) was conceptualized during a free Christmas dinner at my favorite restaurant, Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp. If it weren’t for that dinner given to me by Lachi’s owners, Mike and Melvin Aviles, we would not have a DFAT. It is no wonder that Lachi’s is one of the highlights of every DFAT.

DFAT 2010 was no different. The DFAT 2010 Team had dinner at Lachi’s and got the best gift any sweet-lover could get, a dessert bar.

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CACS Day 2: Meringues and Ice Cream

Sans Rival

Sans Rival

Day 2 of our classes was more interesting and exciting. A few of us can already cook, a handful already knows how to bake. But none of us has certainly made ice cream. And it was ice cream day in class. YUM! We were supposed to make meringues and ice cream.

Our group was assigned to make:

  • Coffee Ice Cream
  • Kiwi Sorbet
  • Sans Rival
  • Pavlova

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FunnySexy Tries Lachi’s Sans Rival

It has been customary for me to bring my guests to Lachi’s for dinner or merienda for them to try out my ultimate, most favorite restaurant in the world.

And a must-try is of course, their sans rival. At P45 per slice, Lachi’s Sans Rival is definitely one of the best in Davao City. And as proof, bloggers from around the Philippines have been raving about it. Some of out DFAT 2009 participants and other guests even take home whole cakes (P285, 6 slices) to Manila for their family and friends to taste.

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